Admission Requirements for International Students To the University of Namibia



If you want to pursue your studies at the University of Namibia and you are an international student, here are admission requirements.

Study Permit Requirements

According to the Immigration Control Act of 19 August 1993, all International students (SADC and Non-SADC) should be in possession of a valid approved Study Permit and Visa before entering Namibia for the purpose of studying.

Only persons with permanent Namibian Residence, Refugees or Asylum Seekers and Diplomatic representatives are exempted from applying for a Study Permit and Visa. The mentioned categories are exempted on condition that they provide the relevant documentation (i.e. Permanent Residence Permit, approved and endorsed Refugee / Political Asylum Seekers status, a Courtesy Visa which confirms diplomatic status).


The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration made an arrangement with the University of Namibia to issue study permits to students after registration on condition that the following requirements are met:

  1. All senior students will be allowed into the country with their valid Study Visa which expires on 28 February 2017.
  2. Senior students will be allowed to register but need to meet the following requirements before renewal of their Study Visas:
    • Proof of registration
    • Results of previous academic year
    • Valid Study Visa of the previous year
    • Proof of Medical Insurance
    • Namibian Police Clearance
    • Proof of residence in Namibia (Lease Agreement)
    • Proof of payment of the full minimum deposit payable to the University of Namibia
  3. The University of Namibia is also requested to provide progress reports of each international student after each semester.
  4. Study Visas will only be valid for one academic year and will end on 28 February of each respective year.
  5.  Senior students should ensure that they renew their study permits before the endorsed study permit expires. Failure to do that, the University will de-register the student and informs the relevant authority for deportation.


The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration will expect all provisional admitted students to submit a Letter of Provisional/ Conditional Admission at any Point of Entry.

Upon registration students need to submit the following:

  1. Provisional admission letter from UNAM;
  2. Valid Passport;
  3. Proof of visitors entry visa for  registration purposes;
  4. Proof of Medical Insurance;
  5. Proof of Residence in Namibia (Lease Agreement);
  6. Proof of Payment/ financial means to sustain yourself (See Student Fees 2017);
  7. Police Clearance Certificate (from country of origin)
  8. Medical and Radiology Reports (from country of origin)

International students will not be allowed to register without meeting the above mentioned conditions.

International students must not pay Study Permit’s fees into the University’s account. During the registration period, there will be officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration who will be processing Study Visa applications. Students should visit the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration-Namibia-Website to download the application forms for study permit and to access other information.

Procedures for 2017

  1. Application forms can be submitted during registration period at UNAM Main campus. The due date for applying for study permit is the 28th February 2017. There will be no late application. Ensure that you submit your application forms on time.
  2. Immigration Officials will be at UNAM’s Main Campus during the registration period to process the application forms.
  3. Study Permits will be issued based on one year duration of study.
  4. Study Permit fees per year are N$ 1395.00 (PLUS N$80.00 for administration fees).
  5. No change of conditions will be allowed once the Study Permit is approved for a specific field.
  6. Students who finished with their degree courses should not take up short language courses.
  7. Only full time students will receive study permits. No study permits for distance education students.
  8. Kindly take note that, there will be no extension of dates, and no application form will be received after the due date. Students who failed to adhere to these rules will be deported, and be charged accordingly.

Kindly forward all your inquiries about study permits to Ms. Hendrina Muteka ([email protected]) or Mr. Pinehas Amunyela ([email protected]).