Best Email Marketing Tool-ConvertKit



ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools in the world, according to reviews from users. The tool has been widely accepted because it offers the best solution for email marketing as it improves your blog readership numbers.

In 2016, this is what one of my friends told me that changed my perception of email marketing. We were taking tea at a popular restaurant within town. It was a Friday evening and as usual, I had to save my calories for the following week. We sat in a quiet corner to compare notes.

“Where have you reached with your work, I see you are always on point”, my friend asked.

“I am making few sales but my traffic is stagnant. I am looking for a way to improve it to at least 10,000 readers per day”, I answered.

He looked at me and said: “you know, few months ago I was experiencing the same. I was trying to sell my products but it wasn’t easy to convince customers. I was made to think of how to share information about my new products. I was convinced this is the only way I could reach out to more people, who include my contacts.I took to social media to check on the best tool to use for email marketing.Luckily,I landed on ConvertKit.I have been using the tool and as you can see I am not stressed like you…because life is good”.

I looked at him after sipping tea from half empty cup and asked him, I was curious this time. “how has the tool helped you”.

A simple statement from him opened my eyes. He replied: “I make $100 each I share an article about my products through ConvertKit”.

I immediately took a step, I signed up for the convert tool for free(you can sign up here too) .I wanted to test its usefulness before I paid for the tool’s services.

In two weeks I had collected over 100 emails. I used the tool to share my articles.susrprisingly,each time I shared an article, I sold a product, something social media pages didn’t help me to do.I concluded it was a good idea to have the tool permanent in my website. I took my credit card and paid for the starter plan, which costs $29 per month.

Ever since I started using the ConvertKit tool, my business has exceedingly grown. I now have permanent customers through their emails.Due to this,I believe Convertkit is the best email marketing took,which you can also start using for your business to improve sales. You can sign up through this link