List of Best Companies To Buy House Plans and Designs in Kenya

House plans in Kenya play a significant role in regards to the quality of houses to be built. It’s the wish of every potential homeowner to obtain house plans from the best companies. Luckily, notable firms like Maramani and Koto have stood out.

Building a house used to be a long and complicated process costing you lots of money and time. With modern technology, this is changing fast. A number of forward thinking-architects have now gone online and will let you purchase fully detailed plans at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise cost to hire an architect. Here we list the top 5 companies who operate in Kenya where you can get all your architectural needs met.

  1. Maramani ( takes the lead by far both in the number of designs available on their website and the quality of the designs. After viewing a number of detailed drawings submitted by the company, we are in awe at the level of detailing and care that goes into creating the designs. Customer support is excellent over WhatsApp, Email and Social Media. Our only reservation is that they operate with a foreign phone number which makes calls more expensive, but you can contact them through various channels, emailaddress ([email protected]) and Whatsapp Chat (+27 71 385 4609). Maramani has a large collection of 3 bedroom house plans which is the most popular category of housing in Kenya and within the financial means of most middle-class families.

  1. V-House Plans (

V-House plans come in second mostly for their large collection of plans with options available for most types of house designs. This is the oldest of the companies and operates from South Africa. Customer care was a bit slow and they lacked mobile money payment options which is a must for Kenya. Besides that, we also highly recommend this company.

  1. Koto housing Kenya (

KOTO housing Kenya is also ranked very high among the best companies to approach for house plans. KOTO Kenya has several options; you can buy a house design from the company, buy a house through mortgage or cash, or simply pay installments for your dream house. Their option of providing mortgage (through their partners) and the fact they also undertake construction makes them stand out among their competitors within this space. You can learn more about their services on

  1. Terndesigns (

Terndesigns is based in Kampala but also operate in Kenya. They have a beautiful collection of plans mainly focusing on the high-end clients looking for large houses. The quality of their designs is excellent and they provide a large range of design styles. Lack of online payment options and a limited range of designs to choose from is a downside to the company. We however highly recommend Terndesigns as an option for obtaining your ready-made house plan designs.

  1. David Chola (

Although David Chola does not provide a large collection of plans to choose from we have decided to include him on this list for the reason that the company provides modifications and customization to most of the plans. Combining this with the fact that the company exclusively operates in Kenya makes them a contender for the top 5. David Chola focuses most of their efforts on the low income to middle income and will provide you with valuable tips within this area.

Write to us and let us know your thoughts and experiences with the companies that we have mentioned in this review of the best companies from which to buy house plans in Kenya.