Can I Become Rich if I Study Electrical Engineering in South Africa, What is The Salary?



Electrical Engineering is one of the best paying courses in South Africa. The course is offered by top universities in the country and rewards graduates handsomely. So the question of getting rich has an obvious answer, which is yes.

Before we go further, we’d like to explain why electrical engineering is among the top 5 courses to pursue in South Africa. The first interesting thing to note is the median salary of an electrical engineer. Latest statistics show that the median monthly salary of an engineer is R57 073, which can increase or decrease depending on accumulated amount of professional experience. A student fresh from college is expected to earn at least R 25,000 per month, while those in the profession and with substantial amount of experience pocket R 40,000-R 60,000.

Electrical engineer who has accumulated experience spanning 15 years earns at least R 80,000 while those at managerial level pocket upwards R 100,000.

One of the recent graduates, who work for the government, confesses:

“I graduated in the year 2015 from the University of Cape Town. It took me 6 months to secure my first job and my first salary was R23, 500.Working as an electrical engineer with the government, I gained 2 years of experience. I was promoted last year and R36, 230 was attached as my salary. I am now earning more than Rs 37,000 and I expect to earn more in the coming year”

Job security

When it comes to job security, electrical engineer guarantees that. You see, this profession is unique and sometimes individuals who gain substantial amount of experience are irreplaceable. It is therefore hard for an electrical engineer to go completely jobless, regardless of unemployment level in the country.


Any career has people who always want to be self-employed. This direction is extremely good and is the only way you can create wealth as an individual. In South Africa, the only way you can make endless income is by employing yourself. As an electrical engineer you can start your own firm, where you do wiring for companies, fix fiber optic cables, start Software Engineering Company or have a contract with companies where you sign agreement to supply them with electrical engineering tools and equipment.

The future of electrical engineering in South Africa

Some courses like statistics, library science, journalism ,accounting and law might cease to exist in future, but electrical engineering is not among them. This gives hope to thousands of students who are pursuing the degree from various universities across the country.