Commercial Bank of Dubai Salaries



The salaries for Commercial Bank of Dubai employees are paid according to experience and qualifications.

The average salary of an employee at this bank is AED 25,000.This salary is paid to mostly people who have experience not exceeding 3 years. Such people include clerks, accountants and junior employees.

Front office and secretaries earn AED 5,000-AED 10,000 but if the employee is so much dependable, she is likely to earn more.

Senior employees at the bank earn at least AED 70,000.These include senior managers, branch managers and financial analysts.

The CEO of the bank takes home at least AED 200,000 while the immediate junior managers collect not less than AED 100,000

In Dubai people are paid according to many factors. The most basic in academic qualifications but sometimes employers overlook this factor. The most important is nationality and working experience. If you originate from the country, chances are that you will earn more.