KenGen Salaries in Kenya



KenGen is a Kenyan state corporation mandated with power Production.The Company mostly employs engineers and pays them good salaries.

According to recent survey, the salary for a fresh graduate engineer at KenGen is Ksh120, 000-Ksh150, 000 while that of an experienced engineer, usually between 3-5 years is Ksh 180,000-Ksh250, 000.

Engineers and other employees who have worked at KenGen for more than 10 years earn not less than Ksh250, 000.

If you are employed as a receptionist, your salary must be Ksh 45,000-Ksh70, 000 while customer care service employees earn slightly above receptionists, usually Ksh 70,000-Ksh120, 000.

The CEO of KenGen earns above Ksh1.5 million while other managers earn between Ksh600,000-Ksh1 million.