Courses Offered at Umma University



Umma University is one of the many private universities in Kenya.The university offers degree,diploma and certificate courses as listed below


  1. Bachelor of Business Management
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sharia
  4. Bachelor of Science Computer Science
  5. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Upgrading and Direct Entry)
  6. Bachelor of Law and Sharia – Coming Soon


  1. Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance
  2. Diploma in Islamic Studies
  3. Diploma in Arabic Language
  4. Diploma in Business Management
  5. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (ICT)


  1. Certificate in Information Technology
  2. Certificate in Arabic Language
  3. Certificate in Business Management
  4. Certificate in English Language

The best courses offered at UMMA University include Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Nursing. You can also study diploma and certificate courses especially the marketable ones like Islamic Banking and Finance.

If you are a Muslim in Kenya, this is the best university to join because it offers courses relevant to your religion.