I want to change my career but don’t know what to do



I work for a law firm as a secretary. I have accumulated experience to six years but unfortunately I don’t want to stick with my career. My main problem is that my salary has stagnated and whenever I ask for salary increment, my boss tells me I can seek for the same elsewhere. I am now in dilemma, how can I change my career?

There are a million of others stuck like you, especially those whose salaries have stagnated over time and would like to move to another career. There are those in a career that they are not passionate about. I can tell you, there is nothing painful as waking up for something you don’t love. It’s natural that some people love to do what their passion dictates even if the pay is meager.

For you to change your career, here is what to do.

  1. Enroll for a new university course

Some sacrifices must be made when you are about to change your career. The first sacrifice is to pursue another degree program. If you feel the course you pursued in college is not auguring well for your career, change to a more exciting course.

  1. Start a small business

In life there are people whose blood read “entrepreneur” but they are not in a hurry to try the venture. If you are bored with your career, you can set aside some cash for a small business venture.

  1. Look for a job that does not require specific skills

Another step you should take is to look for a job that does not require specific skills. If you do get one, you will try several positions within the institution and finally find something you love most.

  1. Seek a long break from work

It happens in most cases that when you work for long without a break, you get bored with what you do. In case you are in this situation, apply for a leave, a study leave would be good. While on leave you can figure out what to do afterwards.

  1. Finally,change your employer

Some employers may make your career boring. I would advise that you try to change your employer so as to see whether things could be different.