Is Law a Good Degree Course to study in UAE



Law is one of the most popular degree courses in UAE/Dubai and is ranked among the best and highest paying careers in the country.

The reason why this career is a darling of many people in UAE is because the perks are good and it attracts the best business once you own a Law firm. The career is also more of a hobby than an obligation, which is the reason those who hate jobs like teaching, medicine and engineering find themselves in the legal profession.

In UAE, once you complete your legal education, which takes at least four years, you are admitted to the bar. This is where you choose to work for law firms, the government or go it alone by incorporating your own company. But a focused individual will first get employed by a law firm before he embarks on self-employment route. This step will ensure you gain necessary exposure that will help you tackle serious cases.

When it comes to salary, Law profession is ranked among top 5 highest paying careers in UAE.So pursing this course is a direct ticket to a good life in Dubai. But what can be strongly noted is that there is no way a lawyer can earn less than AED 4, 000, unless he has a certificate course from a middle level college. At the moment, the average salary of a lawyer in UAE is AED 7, 600, which is as high as the highest pay of a teacher in the same country.

It is for these “decorations, that we recommend students to undertake Law as a career.