Any Other Job a Teacher Can Do apart From Teaching



Teaching is a noble profession, mostly practiced by people who pursued degree in Education. There are several jobs for teachers worldwide; surprisingly salaries for teachers are lower than that of other professionals, which is why most teachers prefer to do other jobs apart from teachers. There are over 20 other nice jobs teachers can do.

The following are jobs teachers can do apart from teaching.

Bank tellers/cashiers

Most banks employ tellers without considering specific degree specializations. So many education graduates find themselves working in banks due to salaries paid by banks.

Communication officers

If you pursued degree in Education and specialized in linguistics and communication, you will easily become a communication officer.

I can advise you to apply for a job in communications if you specialized in communication.

Sales and Marketing

Teachers make the best marketers because they undergo training on communications. Teachers who specialize in arts courses perform even better than individuals who pursued sales and marketing, according to latest survey. One thing that puts them above other professionals is that they are patient and always dedicated to their duties.


Teachers who specialize in mathematics and science courses can be accountants especially if they pursue professional courses in accounting. The best professional courses include CPA, ACCA or CFA which are highly marketable.

Human resources officer/Public Relations officer

Human resources officers are important employees in any organization. Teachers are trained on how to handle students and crowd.They execute their duties perfectly when it comes to handling human resources.