List of Courses offered at Thika Technical and Training Institute



Thika Technical and Training Institute offers certificates and diploma courses. The list of programs offered at the institution include:

  1. Information Communication Technology
  2. Diploma in Information Studies
  3. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  4. Certificate in Information Technology (ICT)
  5. Certificate Information Communication Technologist CICT
  6. Information Communication Technology Technician ICTT
  7. Craft certificate in Information Studies
  8. Health and Applied Sciences
  9. Diploma in pharmaceutical technology
  10. Diploma in Applied Biology
  11. Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
  12. Craft certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
  13. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant – TEP)
  14. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (production)
  15. Craft certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  16. Craft certificate in Metal Processing Technology
  17. Artisan courses in mechanical Engineering
  18. Human Resource Management
  19. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  20. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  21. Certificate in Human Resource Management
  22. Certificate in Social Work
  23. Business Studies
  24. Diploma in Business Management
  25. Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  26. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  27. Diploma in Project Management
  28. Certified Public Accountants
  29. Certficate in Business Management
  30. Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  31. Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  32. Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  33. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  34. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power option)
  35. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Telecommunications option)
  36. Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronics (Power option)
  37. Craft certificate in Electrical & Electronics (Telecommunications option)
  38. Building & Civil Engineering
  39. Diploma in Building Construction
  40. Craft Certificate Carpentry & Joinery
  41. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  42. Diploma in Architectural Engineering
  43. Diploma in Quantity surveying
  44. Craft Certificate in Masonary
  45. Artisan in Carpentry & Joinery
  46. Automotive Engineering
  47. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  48. Craft in Automotive Technology
  49. Agricultural Engineering
  50. Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture
  51. Certificate in Agricultural Engineering
  52. Artisan in Agricultural Engineering
  53. Certificate in Agri-business Development

Some of the best diploma courses offered at the institution include: Information Communication Technology, Diploma in Quantity surveying, Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Telecommunications option), Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Building & Civil Engineering


  1. Comment: where does this institution found?
    is it a public institution?
    may I join you and take CICT?
    Which grade this institution allow for one to take CICT course?
    May i take two courses I.e CICT and Certificate in business management?
    intakes are starting when?

  2. Kindly post on your website the entry requirements for both diploma and certificate in social work and community development .

  3. Is it posible to change the course. do you offer diploma in mathematics and physics

  4. I need to join to this school how am I going to get the letter online kindly please need that course of ict in certificate