Salaries of part time lecturers in Kenya



Part time lecturers’ salaries are not as high as those paid to regular lecturers in Kenya universities. This is because there are more than enough desperate job seekers willing to even lecture for free in any training institution.

Lecturers employed by government are paid well as compared to those employed on contract basis. But the bottom line, lecturers’ salaries are much lower than that of other civil servants.

Our research shows that a Tutorial fellow in Kenya earns not more than Ksh 130,000 while a lecturer who holds a PhD earns an average salary of Ksh 150,000.A Professor in Kenya earns an average salary of Ksh 230,000.

From the analysis above you can see that being a lecturer in Kenya is not something you can be so proud of despite having free time to pursue your own issues. More shocking is that being a part time lecturer is more stressful. Imagine a part time lecturer earns an average salary of Ksh 36,000 per month…and this is someone with a masters or PhD qualification.

What makes lecturers somehow comfortable is the fact that they can lecturer in more than one university to make extra coin. Even though this is possible, still what they earn is not commensurate with their skills and knowledge.

The only hope for lecturers is to start consultancy, which pays more than attending classes.