Statisticians Salaries in USA



Statisticians are among the highest paid professionals in USA, with annual salary averaging $80,110.This translates to hourly pay of $38.51

In USA, you have to pursue a degree/masters in Statistics, mathematics, biostatistics, applied statistics or any other related program so as to join the world of statistics. And since this course is ranked among the toughest programs in college, few students enroll for it, making it one of the most marketable careers in USA.

Besides majoring in mathematics related courses, an individual should also be proficient in statistics related tools. Such tools include: SPSS, R Gui, Stata, SAS, MySQL, STATISTICA and MatLab,but you have a choice to learn SPSS,STATA and R-which are the most popular statistical tools. In addition, you should be proficient in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel (learn pivots and data management skills)

With a degree in statistics, less masters qualification, you can earn up to $90,000 per year in USA, and with a masters in statistics, you can earn up to $130,000 per year.

But the best route to take is by enrolling for CFA so as to become a Financial Analyst. By doing so, you will be employed by stock brokers, insurance companies and audit firms. The average salary for statisticians in these areas earn upwards of $90,000.

You also have the option of being a consultant. This route requires you become more aggressive and strategic, but it’s the most rewarding. A consultant can make upwards of $200,000 per annum depending on the kind of jobs he does for companies.