Civil Engineering Salaries in Dubai



Civil Engineering is a popular career in Dubai, with modest salaries. To be accepted into this profession, you must pursue a degree program in Dubai or any other country in the world.

Salaries for these professionals are paid based on amount of experience accumulated, the sector one is attached to and your qualification, but all in all civil engineers are well renumerated.

The average starting salary of a Civil Engineer Trainee is AED 6, 500, which grows to AED 7,100 after two years of on job training.

On average, a Civil Engineer earns AED 10,100 per month in Dubai. This is paid by more than 70% of companies which employ civil engineers.

Civil Engineers who work as managers earn as high as AED 40,000 per month, these are mostly based in the, real estate, oil and petroleum industries.

Based on the salaries outlined above, it’s clear Civil Engineering is one of the best careers in Dubai, it pays more than 76 % of the professions in this country. But for an individual to qualify as a Civil Engineer, he must take several hard courses in college, which involve a lot of mathematics, physics and architecture. It is purely a course for mathematics oriented people.