Human Resource(HR) Jobs and Salaries in USA



Human Resource Management is one of the most fulfilling careers in USA; the salaries and job vacancies are worth a graduate—very impressive.

The median annual Human Resources Manager salary is $95,000, as of 2017, with a range usually between $85,556-$109,509.

The lowest paid HR professionals take home between &45,000-$60, 000, and they include interns, fresh graduates from colleges and individuals with little or no experience.

The highest paid Human Resources professionals take home annual salary of $146,000.This salary is paid to professionals with at least 15 years’ experience and those directly working for “best paying” sectors.

From our experience, banking, insurance, telecommunication, oil and audit firms pay HR professionals best salaries, while the government, manufacturing and agriculture pay the least. The pay depends on the sensitivity of the sector and the profits posted by the companies. It also depends on HR salary policy of a specific company.

Human Resources Professionals can decide to earn less or more depending on how they position themselves and their academic qualifictaions.The secret to earning good pay in USA is to ensure you first study relevant and attractive courses. We suggest that you enroll for Human Resource degree program, then an MBA qualification and finally a professional certification. Armed with these certificates, you will be able to negotiate well your salary after working for a company for at least 2 years.

Alternatively, join a well-paying sector like oil industry as an intern, this is especially when you are a student. After internship, you will be offered opportunity to work as human resource assistant, or simply from office positions.

In USA, what will make you earn more than others is your consistency, hard work and output. If management likes you, you will definitely earn more.