University of Pretoria, South Africa Fees Structure



University of Pretoria is one of the most popular universities in South Africa,but the fees charged on various programs is reasonable.

If you are planning to join the institution, here is the fees structure for all the programmes in institution.

UFS Self-help service


Students can gain access to their personal tuition fees account via the UFS Self-help Service. Please see, and follow the links: Students-Tuition Fees- My Account. The username is the student number of the student. The initial password is provided by the UFS Information and Communication Technology Services. For security reasons, students are advised to change their passwords as soon as possible.


Fees Payable: 2016


  1. Payments prior to registration
  • Registrations during January-February 2016 (first-semester & year modules)
  • Account balances for 2015 must be zero


  • Prepayments are due five (5) working days prior to registration. Students will not be able to register until these amounts reflect as credits on their tuition fee accounts. Should the tuition fees be less than the amounts required, the full amount is payable


4.1.1  SA Students    
Residential R12 980.00
Non-Residential R6 870.00
4.1.2 International Students    
Residential R21 040.00
Non-Residential R11 870.00


4.2    Registration in July 2016 (semester modules)

  • Account balances for 2015 must be zero.


  • Payments in advance are payable five (5) working days prior to registration. Should the tuition fees for the second semester be less than the amounts required, the full amount is payable.


4.2.1 South African students:


Payments prior to registration for the second semester are as indicated in paragraph 4.1.1


4.2.2 International students:


International students must pay all fees for the second semester in advance before registration can take place.


4.3    Students receiving financial aid (SA students only)

In cases where financial aid (bursary/loans) is received and covers all fees for the academic year, the amount payable in advance will be reduced by the amount of the financial aid. Proof of bursaries/loans must be faxed to 051 401 3579 five working days prior to registration. The original proof of the bursary/loan must be presented upon registration.


In cases where the financial aid (bursary/loan) awarded to a student does not cover all the fees for the year, the prepayment as indicated in paragraph 5, remains payable five (5)

Fees-Yearbook 2016


working days prior to registration. The amount payable in advance must be reflected as a credit balance on the student’s tuition fees account before the student will be allowed to continue with registration.

4.4  Levy for international students R2 045.00

Additional administrative levy for all international students. This levy is payable before registration and is not refundable.

4.5  Late registration fee R240.00

If approval for registration of a module is granted to a student after the closing date for registration, an additional amount per module for late registration will be charged.


5.  Minimum cost charges in case of discontinuation R1 750.00
of studies  


If a student cancels all his/her courses before 15 February, he/she will be held liable for the minimum cost charges. The minimum fee will also be charged for students who register for the first time in July and cancel all their second semester modules before 15 August 2016.

  1. Cancellation/discontinuation of studies

Notice of discontinuation can be given as follows:

  • Students may cancel/discontinue modules themselves on the PeopleSoft self-service page ( throughout the year of registration.
  • A notice of discontinuation of academic registration can be submitted to the administrative faculty officer concerned in the George du Toit Administration Building after registration and throughout the year.
  • A student who has already left the University must send the notice by registered post to:

The Senior Director: Student Academic Services

PO Box 339



  • The date on which the notice is handed in/received by the University will be considered the date of notification for the purposes of calculating the amount due.
  • Oral cancellations or cancellations received by fax/telephone/e-mail will not be accepted.
  • The due dates for cancellation in order to qualify for credit with regard to module fees are as follows:

6.1.1  First-semester modules:

Cancellation before 15 February 2016: full credit will be granted for all the cancelled modules. Cancellation after 15 February 2016: no credit will be granted for first-semester module fees.

6.1.2 Second-semester modules:

Cancellation of modules before 15 August 2016: full credit will be granted for all the cancelled modules.

Cancellation after 15 August 2016: no credit will be granted for second-semester modules.

6.1.3 Year modules:

Cancellation after 15 February 2016, but before 15 August 2015: 50% credit will be granted for year-module fees.

Cancellation after 15 August 2016: no credit will be granted.

  1. Programme prices

The cost per programme is the average cost per year. Tuition fees are charged per module.

Programme prices vary according to the modules registered for.

Prices quoted are for SA and SADEC students registered on the Bloemfontein Campus.

International non-SADEC students pay the actual module price + 50%.

7.1    The Humanities*

B in Social Work R24 965.00
BA R26 015.00
BA (Drama & Theatre Arts) R25 745.00
BA (Communication Science)with specialisation in Corporate and  
Marketing Communication R30 930.00
BA (Communication Science) with specialisation Media Studies and  
Journalism R29 810.00
BA (Human Movement Science) R27 110.00
BA (Governance and Political Transformation) R25 210.00
BSocSc (Human and Societal Dynamics) R26 760.00


  • Economic and Management Sciences*
BAdmin (3 years) R27 305.00
BCom (Law) R31 980.00
BCom (3 years) R30 115.00
BCom (Investment Management and Banking) R31 575.00
BCom (Marketing) R26 855.00
BCom (Economics) R29 390.00
BCom (Human Resource Management) R28 750.00
BCom (Accounting) R30 475.00
BCom (Entrepreneurship) R28 425.00


Fees-Yearbook 2016


BAcc R35 930.00


7.3    Law*


LLB (4 years) R30 110.00


7.4    Natural and Agricultural Sciences*


BArchStud R36 020.00
BScAgric R38 440.00
BSc Quantity Surveying R31 610.00
BSc Chemistry, Physics & Biology R34 475.00
BSc Geology R30 135.00
BSc Information Technology R33 100.00
BSc Microbiology R35 340.00
BSc Consumer Science R34 355.00


  • Education*


BEd R26 875.00


7.6    Theology*


BDiv / BTh R25 710.00


  • Health Sciences*


B Optometry R36 170.00
B Occupational Therapy R30 410.00
BSc (Dietetics) R33 210.00
BSc (Physiotherapy) R36 325.00
BSocSc (Nursing) R25 230.00
MBChB (average per year) R41 260.00


7.8 Honours Degree*    
Cost of degree over 1 year R26 915.00
7.9 Master’s Degree*    
Cost of degree over 2 years R24 560.00
Year 1   R12 280.00
Year 2 R12 280.00
7.10 Doctoral Degree*    
Total cost over 3 years R24 375.00
Year 1   R8 125.00
Year 2 R8 125.00
Year 3 R8 125.00


* All programme prices cannot be published. Quotations for other official UFS programmes can be obtained online. Please see, and follow the links: Students-Tuition Fees-Quotation.

  1. Other academic costs
  • Notes and study material

The prices of supplementary notes cannot be quoted, as these prices are not fixed.

Study material/notes are automatically prepared when students register and charged accordingly. It is the student’s responsibility to collect the study material. In the event of cancellation/discontinuation of modules, no credit can be granted for notes.

8.2  Writing examinations at other centres R430.00

Fee payable by a student to whom, in an exceptional case, special permission is granted to write an examination at a centre other than Bloemfontein.

The actual expenses incurred by the remuneration of invigilators must also be paid. When more than one student write an examination at the same time and at the same place (i.e. during the same examination session), invigilators’ fees will be payable by the students jointly. Admission and invigilators’ fees do not apply to BEd students writing examinations in Welkom and Kimberley.

8.3  Change of a module code R100.00

If a student used a wrong code, e.g. ENG instead of ENS, or AFN115 instead of AFN215, the correction will be made after the deadline date at an additional fee per module code, which will be added to the tuition fees.

8.4   Renting of academic dress

Gown R230.00
Hood R95.00
Mortarboard R95.00


8.5 Posting of qualifications received in absentia  
National R155.00
International R175.00
8.6 Issuing of duplicate certificate R300.00
8.7 Issuing of additional official academic report  
Registered students receive three(3) official Academic Records per year for free  
Academic record R90.00
Comprehensive academic record R500.00


Fees-Yearbook 2016


  1. Housing & residence affairs

The student or his/her parent/guardian or both are responsible for the full accommodation fee for the accommodation period.

Prices quoted are for accommodation on the Bloemfontein Campus

9.1    Junior residences per year

Single room R21 235.00
Double room shared R19 060.00


9.2    Senior residences and living units per month

Single room: Small R1 995.00
Single room: Medium R2 110.00
Single room: Large R2 245.00
Single room: Extra large R2 360.00
Double room: Single occupant R3 210.00
Double room: Shared R1 615.00


9.3    Outeniqua/ConLaures

Single room R29 860.00
Double room shared R27 460.00
Paraplegic (on suite) R33 365.00


9.4    Pres Steyn living units per month

Single room: Extra small R2 305.00
Single room: Small R2 510.00
Single room: Medium R2 790.00
Single room: Large R3 210.00
Room: Paraplegic R3 650.00
Double room: Single occupant R4 635.00
Double room: Shared R2 325.00
Double room: Paraplegic single occupant R4 740.00
Double room: Paraplegic shared R2 385.00


Tariffs for living units in different buildings are available on request.

Residential students must familiarise themselves with all policies regarding accommodation.

9.5 Accommodation during vacations  
Tariff per day R55.00
9.6 Reservation deposit  
See page 1 paragraph 2.1 for payment details.  
9.6.1 Residences R1 720.00


9.6.2 Rooms for rent and living units

Deposit is equal to one month’s rent.

When the offer of accommodation is accepted, the reservation deposit is payable.

9.6.3 Rules regarding deposits

The deposit will be forfeited when a student to whom accommodation has been allocated and for whom a place has thus been reserved does not show up, or cancels his/her place after 31 December.

The reservation deposit may be used at the sole discretion of the University to recover any contingencies resulting in costs, losses, damages, penalties, etc.

The reservation deposit will be refunded if the student:

  • does not comply with admission requirements;
  • is not selected for a specific course;
  • dies;
  • submits a satisfactory medical certificate as motivation for cancellation; (e)leaves at the end of his/her term of accommodation.

The deposit will be transferred to the student’s tuition fees account, and if this results in a credit on the account, the credit may be paid out on request.

9.7 Electricity levy for fridge in residence (per year) R270.00 – R335.00
9.8 Reserved parking for residential students R490.00

Fee is not refundable when student vacates residence.

9.9    Accommodation costs in case of cancellation of studies

If a student who is staying in a residence cancels his/her courses, the actual accommodation cost up to the date of vacating the residence is payable.

10. Other fees  
10.1 Campus levy  
Residential students R300.00
Non-residential students R180.00


Postgraduate students, e-learning students and students registered at the School of Open Learning who do not reside on the campus do not pay a campus levy.

Fees-Yearbook 2016


10.2 Meal fees

Money for meals can be paid into a separate account in advance (see page 1 par. 2.1). The amount paid is transferred to the student’s student card. The student card can be used at the following suppliers.

Meals on Campus

Bloemfontein Campus South Campus Qwaqwa Campus
Thakaneng Bridge Vendors Treats Qwaqwa Cafeteria
Medical Cafeteria    
Soetdoring Cafeteria    
Roosmaryn Cafeteria    
  Meals off Campus  
Bloemfontein Campus   Qwaqwa Campus
Pick ’n Pay Brandwag   Boxer Store
Pick ’n Pay Bloemgate   Bibi Cash ’n Carry
Pick ’n Pay Loch Logan    


At the end of each academic year, the credit available on a student’s meal money account will automatically be transferred to his/her tuition fees account.

10.3 Books and Printing

Money for books and printing can be paid into a separate account in advance (see page 1 par. 2.1). The amount paid is transferred to the student’s student card. The student card can be used at the following suppliers.

Books on Campus  
Bloemfontein Campus Qwaqwa Campus
Van Schaik – Thakaneng Bridge Van Schaik
Pimp my Book – Thakaneng Bridge  
Bloempaper – Thakaneng Bridge  
Printing on Campus  
Bloemfontein Campus Qwaqwa Campus
Computer Laboratories Computer Laboratories
Xerox Xerox
SASOL Library (Lab) level 6  
Frik Scott lower ground floor  
Books off Campus  
Van Schaik – Opposite CUT  
Protea Books – Brandwag  


At the end of each academic year, the credit available on a student’s book money account will automatically be transferred to his/her tuition fees account.

10.4 Credit balances on tuition fees accounts

From time to time, a credit balance appears, for whatever reason, on the account of a student at the University of the Free State. The student concerned then requests that the amount be paid out to him/her.

Any credit balances on student accounts will only be paid out if:

  • all the university fees (e.g. tuition fees and accommodation costs) of the student concerned have been paid;
  • the necessary documentation, as prescribed by the Finance Department of the University of the Free State, has been properly completed and submitted to the Department; and
  • official confirmation of banking details is submitted together with the refund request form.

Furthermore, credit balances will only be paid out to the person confirming on the application for admission that he/she is responsible for the payment of the student›s fees («the Payer”). Credit balances will not be paid out to any other person without the written permission of the Payer.

Credit balances on the accounts of students studying with the aid of bursaries or student loans will only be paid to the student with the written permission of the entity which granted the bursary or loan to the student.

The processing of a refund takes a minimum of 5 working days.  
10.4.1 Handling fee for payment of credit balances:  
Refunds of R1 to R5 000 R70.00
Refunds of R5 001 to R10 000 R140.00
Refunds of R10 001 to R15 000 R210.00
Refunds of more than R15 000 R280.00
10.5 RD cheque / Debit order R175.00

In cases where banks refer a payment (cheques or debit order) back to the drawer, the costs will be debited to the student’s tuition fees account. When, as the result of a rejected payment, a student no longer meets the financial requirements for registration, the student’s studies may be cancelled with immediate effect.


10.6 Student diary (SRC Project) R65.00

Student diaries are optional. The cost of the diary will be debited to the student’s tuition fees account and is payable within 30 days.

Fees-Yearbook 2016


10.7 Student Card

Your Student Card is your key to all kinds of services and events at the UFS. It is your official University identification and, as a student or employee, you are required to carry it with you whenever you are on campus. An electronic student card is for the student’s personal use only and must not be used by other persons. Your personal details are associated with your card and are unique to your card.

Prevention Tips

  • Never tell anyone your pin code.
  • Use a unique pin code. This must not be consecutive numbers such as 12345 or related to your student number, ID number or passport number as these are printed on the student card.
  • Keep an eye on your student card every time you use it, and make sure you get it back as quickly as possible. Whenever possible, try not to let your card out of your sight.
  • Be very careful to whom you give your card when doing a transaction.
  • Do not write your pin code on your student card or store it anywhere near your card (in the event of your wallet being stolen).
  • Never leave your cards or receipts lying around.
  • Check your bill promptly and make sure there are no unusual charges. Treat your student card bill like your bank account – reconcile it monthly. Save your receipts so you can compare them with your student account.
  • If you find any charges that you do not recognise, report such charges promptly (and in writing) to the Card Division.
  • Never lend a student card to anyone else.
  • If you believe you have been a victim of card fraud, contact the Card Division immediately.

Access Control

The Electronic Access Control System has been implemented by the University to protect the University community, property and assets. Your cooperation in adhering to these conditions will ensure that security and safety on campus are maintained.

The University reserves the right to examine all electronic information on its systems and to monitor usage in order to ensure compliance with these conditions and to ensure that the facilities and systems function in a secure, efficient and effective manner.

  • Keep your own student card with you at all times.
  • Do not allow any person to access any door or gate with your student card or by sneaking in/out behind you.
  • Never put any device in front of a door or keep it open.

Example with regard to the anti-pass-back system:

Jane arrives at her residence gate and swipes her card through the card device in order to gain access to the building. She must now wait five minutes before trying to gain access at any other access control point in the building. Jane may exit again but will not be able to swipe in again because of a waiting period of ten minutes for swiping in or out. Jane MUST swipe out in order to have access to other buildings. Should she not swipe out, the system will regard her as still being in the residence.

The anti-passback system has been activated due to misuse at media labs and the Library where students were handing their cards to other students without cards to enable access. There is a fine for misuse of student cards in this regard.

Replacement of damaged or lost student card R65.00
10.8 Parking disk R50.00

All students who park motor vehicles or motorcycles on campus must display a parking disk on the vehicles.

10.9 Discounts on tuition and/or accommodation fees (only SA students)

10.9.1 Family discount

If three or more students who are dependants from the same family (children, stepchildren, adopted children, but excluding children-in-law or married children) study at the University and/or reside in University residences simultaneously, the following discount will be granted:

Three students 10%
Four or more students 15 %


The following conditions for granting a discount are applicable:

  • A discount may only be claimed for full-time undergraduate students.
  • Dependants/students must all be under the age of 26.
  • Students who receive any form of financial aid with regard to tuition and/or accommodation fees do not qualify for this discount.
  • The discount will be recalculated should one or more of the aforementioned students discontinue their studies or leave the residence.
  • Family discounts are not granted automatically. A written application for the discount, proof of relationships, and the full particulars of the students concerned must be submitted.
  • A discount may only be claimed for the current academic year.
  • Family discounts will only be granted on the following fees levied:
  • Module fees
  • Accommodation fees
  • Discounts for early payments

Discounts are granted for early payment of tuition fees accounts. Standard discounts are granted annually as follows:

  • 5% if all outstanding fees for the whole year are paid before 28 February.
  • 2 ½ % if all first-semester fees are paid before 28 February.
  • Discounts are not granted automatically. Students applying for a discount must submit a written application.
  • Students who receive any form of financial aid from of financial aid from UFS on tuition and/or accommodation fees, do not qualify to claim this discount.

Discounts may only be granted on the following fees levied:

  • Module fees
  • Accommodation fees