Bachelor of Commerce vs CFA vs ACCA in Zimbabwe, Which is the best?



Bachelor of Commerce,CFA and ACCA are three popular courses you can pursue in Zimbabwe, but it’s hard to know which is the best.Often,students believe that since Bachelor of Commerce is a degree course, it’s much better than ACCA and CFA,which is not the case.

In Zimbabwe, Jobs are few and graduates are many. It’s, therefore, important to select the best program, a course that can market you outside of this country. And in this case, Bachelor of Commerce is not the best program for you.

Given the three courses, Chartered Financial Analyst will rank first, followed by ACCA and finally Bachelor of Commerce. This is because CFA has market absorption of 92 %, which is the highest among professional certification in Zimbabwe.ACCA comes a distant second with marketability rate of 63 %.Bachelor of Commerce is one of the most flooded programs in Zimbabwe and has market absorption of 32 %.

A student who is planning to enroll for Bcom is strongly advised to consider CFA as more superior to the former. Where he must have in mind that after completing Bcom he will immediately start pursuing CFA.This is the only way you can secure employment in Zimbabwe.

ACCA is also marketable but it’s not as appealing as CFA,but it’s worth taking because it’s slightly less challenging compared to CFA.




  1. Hello.
    On what basis are you making this ranking of courses, is it based on a study that has been done?
    I am just highly interested as I am considering doing CFA