Why MBA is Not a Good Course to Study in Zimbabwe

MBA The Worst Program in Zimbabwe



MBA is one of the most popular masters programs in the world but one of the worst courses to pursue in Zimbabwe.

Over 15 years ago, the course was introduced in Zimbabwe, and many citizens rushed to pursue the program. During that time, the course what hot cake. But over time, more and more students have enrolled for MBA,making it one of the most flooded course in our country.

In Zimbabwe, as I speak now, there are thousands of MBA graduates who are jobless and desperate. These individuals struggled for over 2 decades excelling in school only to find that the job market is not ready for them. The major reason is the economy, which is not favouring anybody, including the president. In the modern Zimbabwe, being employed is a favour from God and being jobless is as normal as taking food.

MBA sounds good but in the real sense it’s not a course worth pursuing in Zimbabwe. This program is currently having the most unemployed graduates in the country yet everyone, including those who don’t know it’s meaning are planning to do it…what a waste of time and money.

To be save and position yourself for any opportunity within the government and private sector,Chartered Financial Analyst and Actuarial Professional certifications are the programs you should enroll for.These programs,tough as usual, can guarantee you employment, not only in Zimbabwe but also any country in the world.

We warn that, unless you want to remain jobless forever, please avoid MBA.