University of Windsor Bachelor of Commerce Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate


University of Windsor Bachelor of Commerce Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate

Bachelor of Commerce in Honours Business Administration

Honours Business Administration 

  • Begins with two foundation years of structured study in all areas of business, complemented with courses in economics and mathematics
  • Students have the opportunity to earn a concentration in one of six functional areas. Third- and fourth-year studies consist of advanced courses in accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations and information systems management, and strategy and entrepreneurship

Honours Business Administration (optional Co-op)

  • Co-op students complete three paid work semesters and eight study semesters
  • Acceptance is limited
  • Students must maintain an average of 70% to remain in the co-op program

Program Description

With growing global markets and increased demand for productivity, the possibilities for use of a business degree are endless. The Odette Experience combines classroom teaching, faculty interaction and hands-on learning through case studies, group projects, community engagement and extracurricular opportunities.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the importance of achieving learning outcomes in the classroom and experiences outside the classroom to provide you with the confidence—and resumé—you need in a competitive global marketplace.

At Odette, we believe that a business degree is only as good as the opportunities it opens up for you to reach your career goals. That is why our program provides you with an integrated foundation in all areas of business while fostering development of problem-solving, critical-thinking, and communication skills. In your first and second years, the curriculum provides a broad introduction to business and intensive training in communication and group dynamics.

Your third and fourth years will provide the flexibility to focus on your specific areas of preference including: Accounting; Finance; Human Resources; Operations and Information Systems Management; Marketing; and Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Course Descriptions – Business

Faculty – Odette School of Business

Department – Odette School of Business

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum admission average of 73% (78% for co-op)
  • Mean admission average of 82%
  • The OSS and six Grade 12 U or M courses, including ENG4U and at least one Grade 12 U Mathematics are required.
  • A minimum grade of 70% required in at least one Grade 12 U Mathematics.

Career Tracks

  • Accountant
  • Tax Specialist
  • Commercial Banker
  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Research Analysist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Production Planner

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