Admission Requirement for a degree course at SIMAD University Somalia



For you to be admitted for a degree course at SIMAD University, you must meet the following requirements

The applicant should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must have completed Secondary school.
  • Must have attained a minimum average mark of 70% boys and girls 65% in the Secondary School.
  • Should bring the original Secondary School Leaving Certificate with a copy.
  • Should bring Six (6) passport size photos with white background.
  • Should bring a letter of conduct (original version) from the concerned secondary school.
  • Should bring a sponsorship letter from the guardian.
  • Should successfully pass the admission test.
  • Pay non-refundable Processing and ID card fees of USD $50 (bank draft).

In addition, there is an English Skills Program (ESP) which is a mandatory course for new students enrolling at SIMAD University.

ESP course consists of five levels that are designed to be completed within the first two and half years of the students’ undergraduate degree. In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the English skills program (ESP) will advance essential academic skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management and organizational skills as well as information literacy.

English Skills Program Course Listing:

  • Foundation
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Mastery (IELTS 7)

English Skills Program:  Entry Requirement for Undergraduate students

1) Acceptance letter from the Admission’s office

2) Pay Course registration fee

3) Complete the ESP Placement Test

4) Pay the course fees

5) Purchase 2 core textbooks per semester.

ESP Fee:

Pay course registration fee = $5

Take the ESP Placement Test

Pay the monthly course fees = $19 per month (Total = $114)

Purchase 2 core textbooks = $60 (per level)

For more, please ask:

[email protected]