Best professional certificate to pursue alongside Criminology and forensic science degree



Criminology and forensic science degree can be pursued alongside a professional course.There are several professional courses available but only a few are relevant to the course.

The best and most common certification is Certified Fraud Examiner, which is a professional course that can take you places.

The course contains the following details:

Before earning the CFE Credential, you are required to pass the CFE Exam. The CFE Exam tests your knowledge of the four major areas that comprise the fraud examination body of knowledge:

Fraud Prevention and Deterrence — tests your understanding of why people commit fraud and ways to prevent it. Topics covered in this section include crime causation, white-collar crime, occupational fraud, fraud prevention, fraud risk assessment, and the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics.

Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes — tests your comprehension of the types of fraudulent financial transactions incurred in accounting records. To pass Financial Transactions & Fraud Schemes, you will be required to demonstrate knowledge of the following concepts: basic accounting and auditing theory, fraud schemes, internal controls to deter fraud and other auditing and accounting matters.

Investigation — includes questions about interviewing, taking statements, obtaining information from public records, tracing illicit transactions, evaluating deception and report writing.

Law — ensures your familiarity with the many legal ramifications of conducting fraud examinations, including criminal and civil law, rules of evidence, rights of the accused and accuser, and expert witness matters.

The details above, as you can see, go hand in hand with criminology and forensic science course. Everyone who is familiar with the profession would recommend CFE as the most ideal course to pursue.

If you wish to join auditing, you can pursue Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) course. This course is pursued worldwide by audit and finance professionals and is among the best professional courses in the word.

The IIA’s Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certification is the only globally accepted designation for internal auditors. It is a three-part exam that remains the standard by which individuals demonstrate their comprehensive competence and professionalism in the internal auditing field. Once you have pursued CIA, you will be allowed to be a member of IIA.