Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin? What is the best Cryptocurrency to invest in?


Investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is risky. And newcomers should always analyze their risk appetite and choose the right cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency that got launched in the crypto market. It has the highest market capitalization that makes it the most significant crypto coin. Experts expect a few cryptocurrencies to be bigger than bitcoin in the future. So it is essential to first learn about all the cryptocurrencies before investing in any. You can learn about auto profit by visiting the auto profit app if you want to invest in it.

Many excellent cryptocurrencies have been around in the crypto space, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano, Indian Polygon, Dash Ripple, Litecoin, Polkadot, etc. Some cryptocurrencies even promise newcomers to send them to the moon but think to yourself is it possible? So as investors diversify their mutual fund or stock portfolio, how would you diversify your crypto portfolio? First, let’s explore some parameters that are important to understand before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Price movements

Before choosing any crypto coin for investment, make sure to check out its price movement since its invention. Developers developed a few cryptocurrencies as a joke like Dogecoin, and no one expected that they could grow, but Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Co., made its price reach sky high. Earlier, users didn’t prefer using Dogecoin much, but today, these are mainstream coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Crypto experts advise avoiding investing in coins that make-believe that they are popular but are meme coins. Investing in cryptocurrencies is the same as gambling. If your risk appetite is good, then only choose to invest in meme coins to diversify your portfolio or invest only in coins that have a good reputation and are stable.

Total supply

Make sure to look at the total supply of every coin, as it will provide you with an idea about how long coins will exist in the market. The total supply of a single crypto coin refers to the total number of coins in the market. Cryptocurrencies are not the same as traditional currencies that have an unlimited supply. The supply of cryptocurrencies is finite, and their value changes according to demand and supply. If the demand for crypto coins is good, the price will increase or decline.


As we know that the supply of cryptocurrencies is finite, it is essential to learn about circulation. Circulation of crypto coins means the overall number of coins that are available to people in the market. It is crucial to understand the aspect of circulation and the total supply of cryptocurrencies to understand deeply about them. If any coin has infinite supply, it might not attain a reasonable price in the market. Like gold, many cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, which is the reason behind their increasing price. If we talk about bitcoin, the overall supply of bitcoin is 21 million coins. No one can ever manipulate or alter the supply of bitcoin.

The whitepaper

Each cryptocurrency has a whitepaper that gets introduced at the time of the launch of the crypto coin. The whitepaper defines the technology, purpose, working, and vision of every particular crypto coin. You can understand the fundamentals of the coin through the whitepaper and then learn whether the cryptocurrency is good to invest in or not. If the whitepaper doesn’t contain necessary information like plans, supply, vision, circulation, it isn’t a promising cryptocurrency and won’t exist any longer.


The community of any cryptocurrency refers to its followers. The main reason behind the success of any coin is its followers that support that crypto coin. It is best to choose crypto coins to invest in that have great support from their followers. It helps to understand the faith or interest of people in any specific crypto coin. Make sure to check out the social media handles of cryptocurrencies to learn about their community support.


Every crypto coin depends on a technology that is the base of it. The underlying technology of cryptocurrencies will help you understand its edge against its competitors in the market. Bitcoin has its blockchain technology base, and multiple other cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology that secures the entire data and network.