Best Jobs you can get with KCSE certificate in Kenya



KCSE certificate holders in Kenya believe that they cannot get any job in Kenya, but I can assure you there are more than 30 jobs for form four leavers and people who possess just a KCSE certificate.

If you don’t have a diploma or a degree in Kenya,you can apply for  employment as:

Security officer/watchman

This can be a starting point where you will get money to pay for college education. Watchmen nowadays earn modest salary especially those working in Nairobi. If you manage to get a job with G4S you have a chance to earn not less than Sh 14,000 per month.


As a waiter what is needed is just a form four certificate. If you have it even if it’s a C- or a D, you can get a job anywhere in Kenya as a waiter.

Though you will be paid at least Ksh 20, 000, it’s better than being jobless.

Sales Executives

This is a common job for form four leavers and people who have a KCSE certificate only.

The main target of companies in Kenya is to sell as many products as possible, they don’t care who gets the position of sales executives as long as he is capable of selling.


To be a driver in Kenya you only need a driving licence, period.Even if you didn’t go to school you can still be a driver.

Real Estate broker/agent

Most of these people you call caretakers and real estate agents didn’t progress past form four,they only possess basic education.

If you have a KCSE certificate you can start a real estate agency in Kenya and survive

Mortuary attendant

Morgue attendants are very few in Kenya-most Kenyans fear the job. You can easily become morgue attendant even if you don’t have college certificate.


Bartenders are people who serve customers beer. These people are employed with no professional or college certificate.

Supermarket attendant

You have seen people who position themselves in the supermarkets monitoring movement of customers, those are supermarket attendants and most of them hold form four certificates only.

Police officer/Army

To be a police officer or join army in Kenya you don’t need a college certificate. What you need is to be physically fit and perhaps know somebody.