Companies that pay doctors and nurses the best salaries in Kenya



If you are a nurse or a doctor in Kenya,there are some companies you can get employed and earn the best salary.This article aims to provide information concerning the best institutions to work for if you are a nurse or medical doctor.

For you to earn the best salary, you have to ignore as much as possible seeking employment in the government sector. The government is the lowest paying sector in Kenya. The best places to seek employment include NGOs and private sector.

Some of the highest paying NGOs include:

United Nations


World Vision



FHI 360

You can also work for insurance companies at insurance health policy department. In this department, you can earn up to Ksh 120,000 with a diploma qualification.

If you possess a degree in Nursing, there are also opportunities for you to become personal doctor to prominent persons. This is the most rewarding route,iff you succeed in getting such opportunity.

There are also manufacturing companies that pay very well. One of those is GlaxoSmithKline, which can pay an individual with a degree up to Ksh300,000.