Which is the best MBA specialization in South Africa between Accounting and Finance



Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the best masters courses to study in South Africa. Once you join college to study the course, you can either decide to specialize in accounting or finance, but there is always a superior area of specialization.

If you compare accounting and finance, you’ll realize that accountants earn less than finance specialists in the country. The average salary of an accountant in South Africa is R18,000 while that of a Financial Analyst is R 25,000.Looking the two courses from that angle, Finance wins.

When it comes to ease of pursuing the course, you’ll also notice that finance is easier than accounting. There is no much struggle in completing finance course than it is with accounting.

What makes finance even more superior is that those who specialize in the same often rise through their ranks faster than accountants. It’s easier for MBA (Finance) graduate to become a Chief Finance Officer than it is for an accountant.

Another major advantage of MBA (finance option) is that you are able to diversify your skills. You can become a finance analyst, investment analyst,accountant,business analyst, market analyst etc.But accountants often remain accountants forever.