Do fixed matches exist in Nigeria


Here is Nigeria there are many betting analysts who pretend to be selling fixed matches but they don’t. For a new person in the world of betting, you can get convinced and pay for non-existing fixed matches. The truth of the matter is that fixed matches don’t exist in Nigeria.

I remember in 2013 when I had just started betting, I got a message in Facebook, someone approached me that he is selling fixed matches. He showed me a message from previous games which won. The guy had won a whopping N2 million from 2 correct scores. He requested for N20,000 to send to me 2 correct score games with 400 odds.

I looked for that cash and sent it to him. I then waited for the tips. After about 20 minutes, he told me to send N5,000 to book the ticket. Since I had already sent N20,000, I didn’t see any big deal sending the money. I sent and waited. Instead of sending the bets, he told me the last step was to unlock the ticket, he requested N30,00.I again sent.

After paying all the money he had asked, he sent a ticket of games which had been played. The games had been played at 11 am and they were sent to me at 5 pm.When I questioned him, he blocked my number and all the communication channels. I lost all the money I had sent to him.

There are also many Nigerians who have been scammed this way, others receive games which are fake. The cries are all over.

Nowadays the laws are very strict, fixing can be done but the information won’t leak to punters. People will pretend to be in access to their agents in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Iran where fixing happen, but in the real sense, they don’t have any information about match fixing.

Those pretending to be having fixed matches are just scammers. They will receive your money and block your number or email forever. The only genuine one are people providing analyzed matches.

To avoid being scammed, first do your own investigation online. Type the name of the person offering tips on Facebook and Google to know more about them. They should also have a website.

A scammer will ask for a lot of money once because he knows you won’t buy tips from him any other time.

Now, the best thing to do is go for low odds tips. Scammers always promise high odds, they know their victims want to become rich quickly, which is why they can promise high odds. Low odds are provided by genuine tipsters.

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