How to identify a scammer of football betting tips


There are many scammers of football betting tips online and identifying them sometimes can be hard. But if you have been online long enough, it’s easy to identify scammers. Below are ways of identifying scammers of football matches:

—–They charge abnormal amount of money

Scammers often charge more money than usual. A scammer knows that hi interaction with you is only once, hence the high amount of money. Check the rate of other betting providers and compare with the one for the scammer. You will find that the amount is abnormally high.

—-They offer proof of winning on previous matches

Scammers know their target, they are sure you will ask for proof of their previous winning history. Using photoshop they come up with several slips showing how they have been winning. Those scammers won’t provide tip for games which have not been played because they know you will realize that their tips are not genuine.

—- They are always in a hurry

Scammers always give you timelines, they are always in a hurry. Their intention is to take from you as much as possible before you discover them. They will tell you the game is starting in 30 minutes’ time so that you can pay now.

—They ask for money more than once

 A scammer will ask you to pay for the tips, then later for licence, unlocking the tips etc.If you pay once and realize that the scammer I asking for more money for other thinks, don’t pay.

—–They don’t use real names

Scammers don’t have registered names. Their names on social media are fake. They don’t want to be known.

—–They don’t have a website

Nearly all scammers don’t have a website. They use social media to get clients.

——They don’t provide bank account details for payment

Scammers often use online payment like Skrill and Payoneer.They don’t provide bank account details because they know you will know them.

—–Their main markets are draws,HT/FT and correct scores

Scammers know that you want high odds, they go for the tips which have high odds, like correct score, half time and full time & draw.

A scammer will convince you that they have 2 correct score games with 1,000 odds. They know that when you calculate the amount to win, you will be convinced to pay.

If you learn those facts, you will not be scammed online

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