Duties/Roles and Responsibilities of a Driver



Drivers have several Duties and responsibilities, which can go beyond driving. These individuals are very important, especially if they are working at schools, oil companies and industry where efficiency require that there must be company drivers.

You may be employing a driver, but you are not sure which roles you should assign him/her.Fixusjobs would like to state the roles drivers play for organizations and companies.

Company Driver

Company drivers are the most common type of drivers. These people are employed to perform the following duties:
• Drive company vehicles to pick or drop employees
• Deliver important documents and parcels to required destinations
• Ensure that all deliveries have been signed and delivered to the correct recipient
• Keep vehicle clean and maintained at all times
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on vehicle

Dump Truck Driver
• Transport loose materials like gravel, rock, sand and dirt to required destinations
• Follow a schedule to ensure timely delivery
• Chart out the best route possible in order to save time
• Verify the types of materials being loaded on vehicle
• Perform appropriate maintenance and keep truck clean

Concrete Truck Driver
• Drive trucks carrying concrete from one place to another
• Operate truck in order to ensure appropriate mixing and pouring of concrete on job sites
• Perform loading and unloading duties
• Manage daily inspections on the vehicle
• Maintain mileage logs

Bus Driver
• Pick passengers and drop them off to their destinations
• Provide tickets to passengers
• In case of carrying students, ensure appropriate behavior is maintained
• Assist passengers and students on and off the bus
• Ensure appropriate maintenance of the bus

Limousine/Taxi Driver
• Pick-up guests and passengers and drop them off to their required destinations
• Assist passengers in embarking and disembarking
• Assist with loading and unloading luggage
• Choose best routes to destinations by using maps and GPS

Forklift Driver
• Load and unload materials on and off pallets
• Perform checks on materials and equipment being carried
• Drive forklift from one destination to another to ensure delivery of material and equipment
• Ensure all product data is logged appropriately
• Ensure maintenance of forklift on a periodic basis

Mining Driver

Mining Driver works in the mining field. If this individuals is assigned to work in oil exploration site, here are the most important roles he should play:

Driving Company vehicle

Ensure safety by not smoking at the site

Load and unload materials on and off the trucks

School Driver

Nearly every decent school has a school bus or Van. These vans/buses are driven by school drivers, who are employed on contractual basis. The school drivers perform the following roles:

Pick and drop students/pupils

Ensure school vehicles are fueled

Pick and drop teachers