Is it good to go to school to study CPA or I should buy reading materials and study for myself?



Many people, especially those who are enrolling for CPA,CIFA ,CCP or CS are always undecided on whether to go to a college or study from home.This is a tricky situation which needs to be addressed before you waste your cash.

The reason why most people prefer going to class is because they fear that they will fail the exam, which is not always the case. There is a particular group of people who are encouraged to go to class for training. These individuals include those who are in employment and don’t have time to study alone at home. Another group comprises people who scored low grades and cannot be able to grasp the content as fast as the syllabus demands. The last group is those who did not pursue business related courses at undergraduate level.

What I will advise you is that going to school to study these professional courses should be the last resort. The best thing to do is identify the best college, then have notes from that college. The best training colleges in Kenya include Strathmore University, CA University, Star College, Orbit School of Professionals, Vision Institute of professional Studies and Nairobi Institute of Business Studies.

If you have notes from these colleges, you will have every reason to pass the exam.

If you are currently studying at a local university, there is no point of attending CPA classes, all you need are notes.

For your information,you can attend classes and still fail the exam.What you need are CPA past papers and reading materials.