How to Make A lot of Money from Your Blog with Small traffic


When your traffic is small, making a lot of money from it is not easy. But if you employ the ideas in this article, you’ll find yourself generating decent revenue. It’ s possible to make $1,000 every month even with 10,000 page views—all you need is to employ the right strategy.

Below are ways in which you can earn a lot of money with small traffic:

  • Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing does not necessarily depend on traffic but the actions taken by visitors. An affiliate marketing blog can attract 100 visitors per day and manage to generate $100 from that traffic. Some of the affiliate programs, especially 22Bet will yield more than $10,000 per month with 10,000 daily page views, you can follow this link to join 22Bet

If you want to start an affiliate blog, spend less than $100.You need a domain name, website and hosting space. To register a domain name cheaply and buy hosting space,follow this link

  • Choose a niche with expensive keywords

Many bloggers earn money via AdSense. For one to make a lot of money with small traffic, they need a niche with expensive keywords. Health, betting, casino, insurance, Mortgage, real estate and web hosting are among the highest paying keywords. Some keywords pay up to $1,000 per click.

  • Sell your products

Instead of relying on AdSense only to generate income, start selling your own products. You can sell SEO tools, clothes, electronic products and smartphones. That way, you’ll increase your net income even with small traffic.

If your blog gets 100,000 monthly visitors, your products will generate $1,000 as AdSense brings $200.

  • Sponsored articles and banner advertisements

Direct banner advertisements and sponsored articles are also important for a blogger. If your traffic is targeting visitors of a specific topic, companies selling products related to that topic will start advertising on your blog.

By incorporating sponsored articles, direct advertisement and AdSense, you’ll see your income rising sharply.

  • Create content which target audience from specific geographical area

Content targeting areas like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE will earn you more money than that one targeting Africa and other developing nations. Advertisers from the most developed countries pay more for advertisement, which is why their AdSense CPC is high.