How to Market your new blog


When you have a new blog, getting traffic is hard. It reaches a time you wish you didn’t create the blog in the first place. Marketing it is very essential because the strategy will give you the initial traffic needed to boost the blog’s online presence.

  • Sponsored articles

Identify authority blogs with similar content as yours and post sponsored content there. Majority of the blogs will ask for a small fee. The importance of sponsored articles is to get back links that are necessary in boosting your blog’s online ranking. If you have at least 20 posts in different blogs, you’ll start getting regular traffic to your blog.

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  • Banner advertisements

Set aside a small budget to place a banner on identified blog that will drive relevant traffic to your site. All you need is for online readers to know that your blog exists.

  • Social media sponsored posts

Use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your content. When sponsoring content on social media, you’ll be assured that the right audience will be reached. A budget of $100 to $1000 is enough to attract over 50,000 visitors.

  • Use influencers to push your content

Social media influencers will also share your blog on their pages. If you use them well for a couple of months, they will help market your blog until it starts growing naturally.

  • Comment on other blogs comment section

The comment section on other blogs will also help you to market your new blog. As you make your contribution, inform other readers to check out your blog.

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  • Post good content

As you know, content is king. Without good and useful content, readers will be visiting your site and leaving without coming back again. With good content, you’ll attract as many readers as possible and also grow exponentially.