Data Analyst Salary in Kenya


The average monthly salary of a Data Analyst with a degree qualification is Ksh80,000. For diploma holders, the starting salary is Ksh 40,000 per month.

Data Analysts are individuals who are capable of processing raw information to generate reports, they use data analysis tools like SPSS,Stata,Statistica,Excel and R.Data Analysts pursue  statistics related courses like Applied Statistics, Bachelor of Statistics,Biostatistics,CFA,Economics and Statistics and Demography. Upon completion of training, they are absorbed by banks, government institutions like Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, NGOs,hospitals and several other institutions within the economy.

Data Analysts with a PhD qualification are the highest paid, they take home a monthly salary of Ksh180,000 and above.NGOs pay them not less than Ksh250,000 per month. Those employed by the United Nations earn upwards of Ksh 600,000 per month.

With a Master’s degree and more than 3 years’ experience, one will earn more than Ksh120,000 per month especially if they are recruited by institutions like Kemri.

For undergraduate qualification, the salary will normally range between Ksh 50,000 and Ksh180,000 per month.

If you graduate with a degree in statistics or related courses, here is what you expect to earn in Kenya:

0 -3 years experience—Ksh 80,000

3-5 years experience—Ksh120,000

5-10 years experience—Ksh 150,000

15+ years experience—Ksh200,000

Statistics is a very marketable course in Kenya, one can opt to get employed or decide to pursue his own interests through self-employment.

 Some of the highest paying intuitions for Data Analysts include: Kemri,Ilri,KRA,IRA,CBK,UN, Insurance companies and referral hospitals.

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