Salary of a Nurse in Romania



What is the salary of a nurse in Romania?

According to figures in our possession, a Nurse earns average pay of RON 3, 500, which is lower than what most of the careers in the country pay.

A fresh graduate, with zero professional experience earn as low as RON 1,500.Interns earn from zero to RON 1,500 while those who have been in the industry for at least one year earn in excess of RON 2,500.

A Nurse with a university degree pockets upwards of RON 5,000 while those in management pocket as high as RON 10,000.

For one to earn more than RON 10,000 in ROMANIA, he/she has to possess at least a masters degree in nursing or Public health and accumulate not less than 5 years of professional experience. The nurse should also choose the best paying hospital.

Some of the best paying hospitals in Romania include:

Arad County Emergency Clinical Hospital

  1. Medical Center Medlife
  2. Regina Maria Reteaua privata de sanatate
  3. Spitalul Judetean Baia Mare
  4. Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta Targu-Mures
  5. Centrul de Diagnostic si Tratament Dr Victor Babes
  6. Neoclinique
  7. Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta Timisoara
  8. Spitalul Clinic Municipal de Urgenta Timisoara
  9. Centrul Medical Medsana
  10. Spitalul Clinic Judetean de Urgenta Cluj
  11. Institutul Clinic Fundeni
  12. Spitalul Universitar de Urgenta Bucuresti