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Sportybet is one of the best betting sites in Uganda. Below are full details about the betting site.

How to register on Sportybet

Visit Sportybet website, enter your personal details and click on register. The process will take less than 2 minutes. Details required include, your names, phone number, email address and the password you wish to use.

How to change your password

In case you have forgotten your password, it’s easy to change it. Below is how to change the password:

Login into your account, go to “My Account(Me)”, select “My Account(Me) Info”, click on “Change Password” and follow the given steps.

Sportybet age limit

Sportybet minimum age is 25 years. But in other countries like Kenya, minimum age is 18 years.

Maximum Payouts

The Max Sports Payout per Bet is UGX 150,000,000.

Daily maximum winning amount

The Daily Max Winnings per User is UGX 300,000,000.

Maximum number of games in a multibet

The maximum number of selections you can add to your betslip is 30, however the maximum number of selections for System is 15.

Sportybet jackpot

How to Play “Jackpot”

The SportyBet 12 Jackpot Competition consists of predicting the results of 12 matches, which are selected by SportyBet, every week.

To take part and have a chance to win the jackpot, you must get registered and have at least UGX 250 in your account. If you correctly predict all 12 match results, you win the Super Jackpot prize. The Jackpot prize pool will be split with all eligible participants, who made the same correct predictions. Consolation prizes are awarded also for correctly predicting 11 or 10 match results !!

How to Take Part

Make your selections – On the SportyBet 12 Jackpot competition entry page, make your predictions for each one of the listed matches (Home win, Draw, Away win). The stake amount of each combination is UGX 250. You can make more than 1 prediction for one match. This will increase the stake amount by UGX 250 for each additional combination formed by your selections.

Check and place bets – Make sure to check all of the selections before you click on the “Place Bet” button. Once submitted, the bets cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. You may place bets until 14:00 Saturday at Uganda time. The countdown to the competition’s closure time is clearly shown on the competition entry page.

Check the results – on Monday Afternoon at Uganda Time, all match results and prizes will be published in the “Previous Results” on the “Jackpot” page.

Special conditions – If one Jackpot match is suspended, postponed or cancelled and not resumed within 48 hours from the initial kick-off time, it counts as Void and Jackpot prize distribution goes as follows:

  • 30% of Super Jackpot prize for 12 correct predictions;
  • 40% of 2nd prize for 11 correct predictions;
  • 50% of 3rd prize for 10 correct predictions.

If two or more Jackpot matches are suspended, postponed or cancelled (void) – all the bets for this Jackpot round are cancelled and stakes are refunded.

Jackpot Rush

By choosing the “Jackpot Rush” option, a random selection of one prediction per match will be automatically selected with a fixed stake of UGX 250. Further predictions may be added to the random selection. This will increase the cost of entry by UGX 250 for every additional combination.

How to deposit money into Sportybet Uganda

A. There are two options offered to make a deposit.

  1. Online Deposit
    • Step 1: Select the Payment Method you wish to use;
    • Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account in the given text fields;
    • Step 3: Click on the “Top Up Now” button;
    • Step 4: You will be prompted to follow instructions on your mobile phone to complete the transaction. If this is successful, the money will be credited to your account.
    • Step 5: Click the button or link below the page which describes the transaction as being successful and you will be redirected to another page.

(Tips: you need to follow the instructions to complete the validation steps from mobile money providers)

  1. Paybill
    • Please reference to the Paybill tab in Deposit page.

The company accepts deposits through Airtel or MTN.

Limits for Deposits and how much does the Charge Fee cost?

  1. Minimum per transaction is UGX 1,000.00.
  2. Maximum per transaction is UGX 4,000,000.00.
  3. All Deposits are free of charges.

How to cashout from Sportybet Uganda

How can I Cashout?

Simply login to your account and select “Cashout” in the betslip. Those with the “Cashout” icon can be cashed out immediately.

Please note that the minimum cashout amount is UGX 5.00. Moreover, bets placed using a Gift are not eligible for “Cashout”.

How much will I win?

Your “Cashout” resulting amount depends on the likely outcome of your bet. The more likely it is to win, the greater the amount you can “Cashout” will be.

Bonuses and Gifts

Bonuses: You may get a bonus when you win a multibet with 2 or more qualifying selections. Generally, a qualifying selection means a selection with odds >= 1.2.

SportyBet provides a dynamic multibet bonus rate. The bonus amount is based on the number of qualifying selections in your bet as well as the leagues and markets you’re betting on.

Bonuses start from up to 3% of the Potential Winning (for 2 qualifying selections) and can increase to as high as 1,000% (when additional qualifying selections are added to the bet slip).

Please note that Gifts are different from Bonuses. Gifts cannot be withdrawn from your account.

All gifts have an expiration date and can be used on various products. For more information on where and up until when you can use your gifts, please go to your account by clicking on “Me” and then selecting “Gifts”.

Sportybet Uganda Customer Care Contacts

Sportybet Uganda customer care (0207640825)