UNICAF University Malawi Bachelor’s Degree, Masters and PhD Programs



UNICAF University in Malawi offers bachelor’s programs, masters and PhD courses, which are popular in Malawi. The courses are pursued either full time, part time or online.

Here is a list of courses offered at UNICAF University Malawi

Bachelor’s Degrees *

BSc in Computer Science

BA in Hospitality Management

BA in Business Administration

Master’s Degrees

MBA – Master’s in Business Administration

MA Education

MSc Organisational Psychology

Doctorate Degrees *

Ph.D in Marketing Management

Ph.D in Information and Technology

Ph.D in Education

Ph.D in Business Administration

Ph.D in Accounting and Finance

Bachelor of computer science and business administration are the most popular degree programs in Malawi. Pursuing any of the two courses will guarantee one employment as long as they pass with excellent grades or combine the degree programs with professional certification.

The most preferred and best professional certification to combine with bachelor of business administration is ACCA, which can be studied online.

Master’s in business administration is also a popular course, not only in Malawi but also across the world. The program takes at most two years and can be pursued by individual with any undergraduate certification.