8 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya


Bulk SMS services are important for companies with thousands or millions of visitors they send notifications on regular basis. Over 100 companies provide bulk SMS services but the best services are offered by about 8 of them.

When looking for a good bulk SMS provider, you should consider the speed of sending the SMS, cost of SMS and whether the platform can send bulk SMS within a short time. You should also investigate whether there are hidden costs charged to clients.

Based on our reviews, here is a list of the companies we found out to be providing the best bulk SMS services.

  • Truehost Kenya

Truehost not only provides web hosting services, they also offer cheap bulk SMS services. Since the company uses its own servers, their services are excellent. They charge Ksh0.75 per SMS and one can send as many SMS as possible. To buy the service,click here and visit Truehost website

  • Advanta Africa Limited

Advanta Africa Limited is also a good bulk SMS provider. It currently serves over 1,000 customers. You won’t be disappointed after choosing them.

  • Key features of the bulk SMS:
  1. DND Allowed
  2. Send SMS 24×7
  3. Free API Integration
  4. Delivery Report
  5. Customized SMS
  6. Regional language



Decidate shortcode cost implication Cost Exclusive VAT

One off set up fee Kes 25,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 15,000

Shared Shortcode Cost Implication

One Off set up fee Kes. 15,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 5,000

Dedicate USSD Cost Implication

One Off set up Fee Kes 150,000

Monthly Rental fee (Negotiable)

Renewal Testbed Fee Kes. 15,000

Shared USSD Cost Implication

One Off Set Up Fee Kes 20,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 15,000

Sms Branding

One off sms branding Kes. 10,000 per network. Price slightly negotiable. Our bulk sms graduated rates available on request.

Website link: https://www.advantasms.com/price

  • Oramobile

Another good bulk SMS provider you should select isOramobile.They actually allow you to negotiate with them when you send so many SMS.Some clients are charged as low as Ksh0.40 per SMS.


Bulk SMS Prices in Kenya

– Bulk SMS branded Sender ID eg with name of your company:

a) Branded Sender ID offer price – Kshs. 7,500 

Other Special cases Sender ID rates & Options:

  • Kshs. 7,000 special select groups eg churches, organizations that give back to the society, small welfare & youth groups
  • FREE branded Sender ID that is ready to plug and play “KenyaOnline” rented at Kshs. 3,000. Based on Volumes
  • Special negotiated large volume premium Sender IDs at Kshs. 6,000 but this will depend on your credit rates.

b) Bulk SMS credits

  • Normal starting  SMS credits running offer Kshs. 0.75
  • Credits above 10,000 monthly traffic and based on a sending history range from Kshs. 0.45-Kshs. 0.75 based on volume rate table.
  • Kshs. 0.70 for special groups eg churches, charities etc
  • Premium credits Kshs. 0.30

NB: Clients prefer to use us because of our uptime, dashboard advanced features that allow you to Plan Data & Audience, Message, and Analyse. This together with our excellent support and automated systems will save your time and help you running in the shortest time possible. Welcome to Oramobile and welcome to Oracom Group. 

2. Bulk SMS Resellers;

Whitelisting – Kshs 3,000 so that you have an account like sms.yourcompany.co.ke or messaging.yourdomain.com

Sender ID – Kshs 6,500

Credits- Kshs 0.65 / (as low as 0.5 or much lower for bigger volumes / monthly fees)

We also sell the much cheaper expiring credits at Kshs. 0.30 

3. Shortcode (setup and monthly same amount)

– Dedicated Shortcode KShs. 15,000 (unlimited keywords/code only used by the customer).

– Shared Shortcode KShs. 8,000 (up to 5 keywords)

– Shared Shortcode 5,800 (up to 1 keyword)

NB: Keyword: SMS the word “PLOT” to 22123. The word “PLOT” is a keyword.

4. USSD (Setup cost, the same amount is monthly)

– Shared USSD 5,800 (200 accounts, Shared)

– Shared USSD 10,000 (100 accounts, Shared)

– Shared USSD 20,000 (50 accounts, Shared)

– Shared USSD 40,00 (20 accounts, Shared),

– Shared USSD 50,000 (10 accounts, Shared)

– Shared USSD 50,000 (5 accounts, Shared)

– Deciated USSD 150,000 (1 account)

USSD is like *354# is a dedicated USSD and *354*32* is a shared shortcode where the customer only uses the menus after the 32.

5. RBT / Corporate Ring Back Tones / Company Skiza Tunes

– Voice + Setup – 5,500 (male or female voice, we have samples + 1 yr support)

– Setup Only – 4,000 (recording comes from the client + 1 yr support)

– Voice + Setup – 10,000 (male or female voice, we have samples + unlimited support)

Website link: https://oramobile.co.ke/

  • SMS Leopard

Some of my friends are using SMS Leopard, they are comfortable with the company’s services. Though sometimes it’s systems hang, they say the company is cheap and has good customer service.

They sell SMS from Ksh0.4 to Ksh 1.5 depending on the volumes you want to send.

Website link: https://www.smsleopard.com/pricing

  • Movetech

Movehost’s set up fee is among the cheapest in the industry, they charge Ksh5,000 only.They charge each SMS Ksh 0.4 to Ksh1 and currently over 500 customers are being served by the company.

Website link: https://www.movesms.co.ke/pricing/

Note that they don’t charge hidden fee.

  • Africa’s Talking

Africa’s Talking is present in several African countries, it’s a big organization. The best thing about big organizations is that they are sensitive to customers’ concerns. Despite being a big organization, Africa’s Talking serves customers diligently.

The cost of each bulk SMS goes for Ksh0.4 to Ksh 0.80. Below is a table showing details of the pricing:

Basic Plan
KES 0 – 19,999
Plus Plan
KES 20,000 – 99,999
Premium Plan
KES 100,000 – 399,999
Max Plan
KES 400,000+
SafaricomKES 0.8KES 0.7KES 0.6KES 0.4
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic)KES 0.8KES 0.8KES 0.7KES 0.6
Airtel Kenya (International Traffic)*USD 0.056
Other Kenyan TelcosKES 0.8KES 0.8KES 0.7KES 0.6

Website link: https://africastalking.com/sms/bulksms#pricing

  • Celcom

Celcom is a serious company. I used to buy bulk SMS from them sometime back until 2020.They never disappointed.

Their charges range between Ksh 0.4 and Ksh1 per SMS.

Celcom website link: https://www.cabulksms.com/bulk-sms-pricing

Their prices are based on the following bands:

625 – 20,000 bulk SMS messages
20,000 – 50,000 bulk SMS messages
50,000 – 100,000 bulk SMS messages
100,000 – 400,000 bulk SMS messages
400,000 bulk SMS messages- and aboves
  • Mobitech Technologies solutions

Mobitech Technologies solutions is among the cheapest companies when it comes to offering bulk SMS.A client can bargain and buy one SMS for as little as Ksh 0.35.


Bulk SMS

Basic Plan
KES 0 – 49,999
Premium Plan
KES 50,000+
SafaricomKES 0.35KES 0.3
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic)KES 0.35KES 0.3
Other Kenyan TelcosKES 0.35KES 0.3

Dedicated Short Code

TelcoSet UpMonthly Maintenance per Telco
Safaricom, AirtelKES 30,000KES 15,000

*prices are 16% VAT exclusive

*Set up fee is a prepayment for the first two months

Shared Short Code (Keyword)

Set UpMonthly Maintenance
KES 5,000 + 16% VATKES 2,000 + 16% VAT

Sender ID

TelcoSet Up
Safaricom onlyKES 6,800
Airtel onlyKES 8,000
TelkomKES 7,500
EquitelKES 10,000

Website link: https://mobitechtechnologies.com/pricing/