Best and Highest Paying Degree Programmes in Canada Students Easily Avoid



There are high paying degree programmes in Canada people mostly avoid, simply because they are not common among students. We are going to discuss some of these rare programmes, which are pursued by a small number of students.

  1. BSc Biostatistics

Biostatistics is one of the rare programmes in Canada. Most students overlook this program simply because they don’t have background information concerning its application.

With a BSc in biostatistics, you are likely to earn at least $42.5/h, which sometimes can rise to a minimum of $45/h.

  1. Bachelor of Land Economics

Bachelor of Land Economics is another rare career, which ambitious students always overlook.

Since land is becoming a scarce resource, land economists are in high demand in Canada. Students who study this programme,find it extremely easy to secure employment, which come with attractive salary package.

  1. Bachelor of Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management is also another good undergraduate program most students overlook. This program has few professionals and is one of the highest paying courses in the country.


  1. GIS and Remote Sensing

GIS and Remote Sensing has been found to be less attractive to students but more attractive to employers. The program pays and has several opportunities.

  1. Bachelor of Insurance

Bachelor of Insurance is not so popular in Canada but it’s one of the highest paying careers in the country.

Graduates of this course end up in the insurance companies, where they deal with annuities, pension schemes, insurance policies, underwriting and all matters to do with insurance. They are in high demand.

  1. Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Students avoid bachelor of Actuarial Science because they believe it’s tough, those who end up pursuing the program secure well-paying opportunities.

In Canada, an Actuary can earn in excess of $150,000 per annum.

  1. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering

Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering is one of those courses that attract the lowest number of students, but it’s among the most rewarding careers.

  1. Bachelor of Software Engineering

If you want to be a computer wizard and work with giant companies like Google and Facebook, Software Engineering is the most ideal course to study in Canada. Student often avoid this program because they feel it’s beyond their IQ capacity.

  1. Bachelor of Medicine (Neurosurgeon)

Though there are many students who enroll for a degree in medicine $ surgery, a number avoid specializing in Neurosurgeon. They avoid it because they know it would take them more than 8 years of study.


  1. Bachelor of Computer Games

If you spot a course dealing with computer games, please do it.Studying this course will make you one of the highest paid employees in Canada.