Best Banks to work for in Liberia



Working at a bank in Liberia will guarantee you best salary and also enough experience to grow in your career. There are banks regarded as “best” when it comes to salaries and employment terms. Here are the best banks to work for in Liberia

Central Bank of Liberia

Central Bank of Liberia is the highest paying bank in Liberia. The bank, which is a government institution, pays a fresh university graduate at least US$ 200 per month. Experienced professionals earn at least US$ 700 per month.

Senior Managers at the bank earn US$ 2000-US$ 5,000.

Ecobank Liberia

Ecobank Liberia is another well paying bank. The financial institution pays a fresh graduate at least US$ 300 while experienced employees earn US$ 500-US$2000 per month.

The bank pays well because of its profitability and the culture of rewarding its employees.

Afriland First Bank Liberia

Afriland First Bank Liberia is a fully-service bank in Cameroon with a subsidiary in Liberia. The bank offers attractive renumeration to its employees, who are well trained to handle customers.

If you are an employee of this bank, you have to receive a monthly pay of at least US$ 300 per month.

International Bank Liberia

Here is another well paying bank in Liberia. The bank mostly employs graduate clerks and bank tellers to work as cashiers.

Liberia Bank for Development and Investment

If you possess a business related degree, this is where you should send your job application letter.

Liberia Bank for Development and Investment is a well paying fully serviced bank, which every graduate aims to work in.