Central Bank of Liberia Careers.How To get a Job Here



Central Bank of Liberia offers job opportunities for Liberians who want to work in the banking industry. The salary offered by this biggest bank in Liberia is commensurate with skills and qualifications.

There are several secrets you should be armed with before dreaming of working for Bank of Liberia.First, the kind of degree you pursued in college matters a lot. Secondly, your accumulated professional experience is of importance, simply because the bank employ people with not only relevant experience, but also immense skills.

To shed more light, there most important point to note is that there are skills that can easily land you a job at the Bank of Liberia. These are the most relevant skills

A degree in business related course plus professional qualification such as ACCA or CFA

A university degree in IT or Computer Science

A Degree in Statistics or project planning and management

A degree in Law

A degree in Purchasing and Supplies

A degree in journalism and Mass Communication

A degree in Economics

A degree in banking and finance.

The most important thing to know is that those with at least a masters qualification find it very easy to join the institution.Also,your previous work experience matters a lot.For instance,those who have previously worked at IMF,World Bank, leading audit firms or in the stock market are given first priority.

The bank usually advertises jobs on their website,which is click here