Best Countries Zimbabwe Graduates can get employed.



As high level of unemployment in Zimbabwe continue to impact negatively on graduates, there is need to seek employment in countries where job opportunities are plenty. Statistics show that the following are the best countries where graduates from Zimbabwe can get employed.


Qatar is one of the best places to apply for employment. The good thing about this country is that jobs are more than enough for foreigners, especially those intending to work in construction site. It is also easy to obtain a visa to Qatar.


United Arab Emirates offers very attractive salaries. It’s one country that welcomes professionals from all parts of the world, especially Africa.

Some of the best jobs you can get at UAE include real estate agent, sales and marketing, at airports, gardener, teaching and bank tellers.

The salaries for Zimbabweans in UAE are AED 2,000-AED 10,000.


If you are lucky to get a VISA to USA, your life will change forever. The salary in America is so impressive that every graduate from Zimbabwe would like to secure employment there.

The average monthly salary of a graduate in America is $ 3, 000, but this is categorically for the lowest paid graduates.


UK is another ideal place to seek employment if you are well trained. This country offer one of the best salaries in the world.

Though opportunities in UK are not as plenty are there are in USA, graduates can find a place to lean on.


There are plenty of opportunities in Botswana for foreigners, especially in the healthy sector. Since it’s next to our country, Zimbabwe, it’s easier to cross to Botswana to seek greener pastures.


Australia has also plenty of opportunities for Zimbabweans. You can try your lucky by seeking a VISA to the country, and once you are there, opportunities will come knocking.


The employment opportunities for Africans in Canada are simply uncountable. The country has the best salaries for graduates, and also non-graduate.


Though few Africans enter Singapore to seek employment, there are indeed opportunities for Africans in that country.