Is a course in Sales and Marketing marketable in Kenya?



So many job seekers and university students always ask, “is a course in sales and marketing marketable in Kenya”. Based on the demand of the course, we authoritatively inform you that the course is very marketable.

Sales and Marketing is the only degree course that will exist forever because there is no company that can exist without the professionals.

At certificate level, the course is very promising. There are several companies that employ sales and marketing individuals with just a certificate. Though salaries of these people are slightly less than what the profession should pay, there are plenty of jobs in the job market.

Diploma and degree levels are the most demanded levels in this category of specialization. If you pursue a diploma in sales and marketing, chances of securing employment in Kenya are 95 % and if you hold a degree in commerce or business administration with specialization in sales and marketing, you have 90 % chance of securing employment in Kenya.

For your information, sales and marketing professionals are the only people who can get employed in any sector. I would,therefore,like to encourage you to specialize in sales and marketing because of the many opportunities available in the job market.