Best Degree Courses in the world 2020


Best degree courses to study in the world in 2020 are those with high absorption rate, decent pay and opportunities for growth. Such degrees are marketable anywhere in the world regardless of the job market in respective countries.

What’s common nowadays is that people would move from one country to another in search of educations and they end up working away from home. In order for one to be marketable away from home, they have to pursue a top course.

Below we list the best degree course to pursue anywhere in the world:

  1. Occupational therapy
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Piloting
  4. Structural engineering
  5. Nursing
  6. Medicine & Surgery
  7. Law
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Web development
  10. Computer science and mathematics
  11. Computer Engineering
  12. Sales & Marketing
  13. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  14. Special Needs Education
  15. Translation and/or interpretation
  16. Physician assistant studies
  17. Bachelor of Commerce/Accounting plus CFA
  18. Dental Surgery
  19. Information Technology

The hot cake courses are those related to information technology, computer science, engineering and medicine. The worst courses are those related to education and social science. Hard courses like medicine and engineering tend to be more marketable because only a few people would crack them. Social Science courses are easy, which is why most students opt to pursue them. One disadvantage of social sciences and arts courses is that majority of graduates have majored in these courses.

The demand for nurses, pharmacists and software engineers is the reason why the courses are marketable. In 2020 these are the degree courses you should consider pursuing if you want to be marketable.

The best universities to study the marketable courses are based in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. Any course pursued in universities situated in these countries will take you places.