Bloggers Income in Kenya 2021


Bloggers income in Kenya in 2021 vary depending on the amount of traffic each of their blogs receive. The average income for bloggers in Kenya is Ksh40,000. If you are planning to start your own blog, know the amount you expect to earn. Only 5% of bloggers in Kenya earn above Ksh100,000 per month.

 For those who want to start blogging, the amount of money required to create a blog is Ksh 10,000 to Ksh30,000. Most established bloggers host their sites with Bluehost.To register your own domain name and buy hosting space,visit Bluehost here

Bloggers in Kenya earn money through AdSense, MGID,YouTube,affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, direct banners and by selling products. More than 90% of bloggers monetize via AdSense.

Below is the amount of money Kenyan bloggers earn per month:

  1. Robert Alai—Ksh400,000
  2. Cyprian Nyakundi—Ksh300,000
  3. Mpasho—Ksh400,000
  4. Tuko—Ksh 2.5 million
  5. Ghafla—Ksh600,000
  6. Kenyans—Ksh1.5 million
  7. Nation—Ksh6 million
  8. Standard Media—Ksh 5.5 million
  9. Jalango—Ksh300,000
  10. Star—Ksh 2 million
  11. K24 TV—Ksh 900,000

There are plenty of blogs in Kenya but only a few of them are active. Since majority of blogs in Kenya rely on AdSense for revenue, their income is influenced by traffic. Sites with 1 million monthly visitors earn on average Ksh150,000. It’s very hard for a blog to get over 1 million monthly visitors.