Kenya Police Salaries in 2021


The salaries of Kenya Police are paid based on one’s rank and years of experience. The lowest paid police officer is a Constable who takes home Ksh 32,880 per month while the highest paid officer takes home Ksh 274,890 per month.Apart from these salaries,police officers are also paid huge allowances,which include House and risk allowance.

Here is a table showing the salaries of police officers in 2021

Kenya Police Rankpay Per MonthTotal Per Year
Senior assistant inspector general274,8903,298,680
Assistant inspector general187,8902,254,680
Commissioner of police130,5901,567,080
Senior superintendent85,8901,030,680
Assistant superintendent70,530846,360
Chief inspector59,220710,640
Inspector of police53,820645,840
Senior sergeant50,220602,640
Constable/ Fresh Graduate32,880394,560

The last time were increased by 100 percent and will be reviewed after every 2-4 years.


In the new Kenya Police Salary 2015 Scale/ structure , a Constable/fresh graduate  is entitled to a basic salary of Kshs. 32,880 per month.

Majority of police officers don’t depend on this salary for survival,they also have other sources of income. You’ll find a police officer earning Ksh 40,000 but he builds a house of Ksh10 million.If one is employed in the traffic department, getting rich quickly is a guarantee.