Can I Get a job if I do a diploma in project planning and management?



A diploma in project planning and management, just like a degree, is the ideal course if you intend to work for NGOs, construction companies as well as manufacturing firms. Skills from college are heavily applied in these areas to help plan the projects life cycle.

This diploma is helpful if you possess a degree in engineering, marketing, statistics, monitoring and evaluation, economics or finance. A diploma in project planning plus a degree course will broaden your mind thus ensuring you complete projects within speculated time while applying knowledge and skills obtained at diploma level.

Apart from seeking employment in the aforementioned sectors you can start a consulting company where you apply for tenders to oversee projects as well as conduct surveys. Every country, whether tiny of developed, has several countries as well as private sector that need the services of project planners. And since these companies don’t require full time workers they opt to seek services of consultants-this is where project planners come in.

If you are planning to study a diploma in project management, go ahead and do it. In this world no one knows what the future holds for them and there is no course that is useless.