Top careers in Canada: Highest Paying Degree Courses



Canada is one of the countries in the world that rewards her professionals handsomely. But despite all the degree programmes regarded equally, the law of nature dictates that there must not be equality when it comes to renumeration and marketability of careers. That is why some careers are regarded the best while others are ignored by majority.

Below are the top careers in Canada.

Electrical and Electronics engineer

It takes an electrical engineer at least 5 years of training but it takes the same professional one month to earn

The average median salary of an electrical engineer is $79, 000, good enough to enjoy life to your fullest.

Occupational Therapist


More and more people are aging in Canada, creating a need for occupational therapists. Statistics show that these professionals are in great demand in this country and their media salary is $78,000.


Every time I see an individual preparing to study nursing, whether it’s a diploma or degree, I see hope. A registered nurse earns $76,000 in most hospitals while a nurse fresh from college takes home at least $ 50,000.

Nursing is among the best courses to enroll for in Canada and it takes at most 4 years to be a qualified nurse.


An actuary is a professional who model risks, predict uncertain scenarios and come up with models that determine pension payments, interests and time. These people are very important in insurance sector and are regarded as core.

It takes an Actuary at least 5 years of thorough training to be qualified enough to perform duties assigned to him. This professional not only pursues undergraduate degree course, but also undertakes several actuarial professional certifications so as to be entrusted with the job.

The tough programme, however, comes with sweet money. The average salary for a qualified actuary is $ 80,000.


Pharmacist is an individual who subscribes medicine for patients. In Canada, a huge number of patients prefer obtaining advice from pharmacists when they have minor ailments than visiting doctors. Pharmacists earn at least $100,000.

Medical doctors

Just like pharmacists, medical doctors receive hefty perks. A junior medical doctor can take home up to $60,000 while a senior doctor earns up to $100,000.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers can decide to skip a day at work and nobody will scare them. These professionals scoop money with big spoon and they are highly respected.

In a bad year, they take home $80,000

Police Officer

Police officer is overstretched, overworked and at risk most of the time. The government of Canada rewards these servants well.

In order to avert crime, protect the country and ensure security prevails across the country, the government pays the officers at least $80, 00, which is amazing.

Financial Analyst

To qualify as a financial analyst, you have to complete the CFA professional certification. There are less than 10,000 qualified financial analysts in the world, which explains why these professionals are well renumerated.

The starting salary of a financial analyst in Canada is $ 74,000.

Petroleum and Chemical Engineer

Petroleum and chemical engineer undergoes intensive training. He is then recruited as a trainee before he permanently takes his position. Due to the risk involved in the work place, petroleum engineer earns more than &100,000.

Chief Finance officer

Chief Finance Officer is a senior employee in any organization. He handles all financial and investment matters of an organization.

Usually, a CFO is second most senior person in any organization after the CEO.

A CFO takes home $105,000 annually.

Software Engineer

This is a programmer, who comes up with application after application, making communication on earth simpler.

A software engineer can sometimes dictate what he earns simply because of the skills he possesses.

The median salary of this professional is $88,000

Construction Manager

Without a construction manager, work might be shoddy. This person makes sure the project runs smoothly right from inception to completion.

The average salary of a construction manager is $ 80,000

Pilots & Flight Instructors

To train a pilot is not easy-it takes huge resources. Pilots throughout the world earn better than any other professional.

The median salary of a pilot in Canada is $90,000.

Urban Planner/Architect

Urban planning is a very important aspect of any organized city.

The degree course attracts a median salary of $80,000


A lawyer is an independent minded individual who rescues criminals from the jaws of the rule of law as well as represents clients in serious criminal cases.The seriousness of a case determines what a lawyer makes in Canada,and from our analysis,the average salary of this leaned friend is $ 80,000 annually.