Can I get a job with Aeronautical Engineering  diploma/degree in Kenya. Is it Marketable?



Aeronautical engineering is a course offered in less than 4 universities in Kenya and it prepares students to work in the aviation industry.The course, mostly pursued at diploma level is marketable due to the small number of graduates who enter the job market each year.

While the unemployment rate in Kenya is 70 % as of now, the level of unemployment for Aeronautical engineering graduates is less than 30 % meaning that you have very high chances of securing employment in the country.

Ten years ago there were less than 10 aviation companies in the country but nowadays there are more than 30, which is why aeronautical engineers find it easier to secure employment. To make it more interesting, there are government institutions which employ these engineers; they include KWS, DRSRS, Kenya Power, Ministry of Environment, KETRACO etc.

The moment you are through with your education don’t wait, simply apply for employment in aviation companies in Nairobi, mostly located at JKIA and Wilson airports


  1. Engineering has been one hell of a big dream ever ..*aeronautical engineering* fro child hood..I wish and still have faith that my dream will be a reality