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Courses offered at the University of Embu 2020


University of Embu offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses which are marketable in Kenya.If you want to join the university in 2020 these are the courses to select:

Academic Programmes

University of Embu Academic Programmes

Applications are invited from qualified applicants for the following programmes which will be offered on Full Time and Part time (Part-time Intensive, Part time – Holiday Based, Evenings and Weekends) modes of study.
Intakes are on in January, April, May, August, September and December every Year

School of Pure and Applied Sciences Academic Programmes

  • PhD in Entomology
  • PhD in Plant Ecology
  • PhD in Fisheries
  • PhD in Genetics
  • PhD in Computer Science /Information Systems
  • PhD in Chemistry
  • MSc. in Applied Microbiology
  • MSc. in Plant Ecology
  • MSc. in Genetics
  • MSc. in Entomology
  • MSc. in Chemistry
  • MSc. in Physics
  • MSc. in Hydrobiology
  • MSc. in Statistics
  • MSc. in Applied Mathematics
  • MSc. in Pure Mathematics
  • MSc. in Computer Science
  • BSc. in Computer Science
  • BSc. in Physics
  • BSc. in Analytical Chemistry
  • BSc. in Industrial Chemistry
  • BSc. in Biogeochemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  • BSc. in Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
  • BSc. in Biology
  • BSc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • BSc. in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resource
  • BSc. in Environmental Sciences
  • BSc. in Information Technology
  • Diploma in information Technology
  • Certificate in Computer & Portable Devices
  • Certificate in Computer Repair & Maintenance
  • Certificate in Computer Applications
  • PhD in Physics
  • Master of Science in Applied Parasitology
  • Master of Science in Biology of Conservation
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Parasitology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology of Conservation
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Microbiology

School of Business and Economics Academic Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies
  • Certificate in Purchasing & Supplies
  • CPA Part 1, Section 1 & 2
  • CPA Part 2, Section 3 & 4
  • CPA Part 3, Section 5 & 6
  • Accounting Technicians Diploma Level I, II & III

School of Agriculture Academic Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Crop Protection
  • Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • Ph.D. in Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. in Agronomy
  • Ph.D. in Horticulture
  • Ph.D. in Land and Water Management
  • Ph.D. in Soil Science
  • Ph.D. in Agroforestry
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics
  • Ph.D. in Management of Agro-ecosystems and Environment
  • MSc. in Agricultural Resource Management
  • MSc. in Agroforestry
  • MSc. in Crop Protection
  • MSc. in Biotechnology and Plant Breeding
  • MSc. in Agronomy
  • MSc. in Horticulture
  • MSc. in Soil Science
  • MSc. in Range Management
  • MSc. in Land & water Management
  • MSc. in Agro Ecosystems Management
  • BSc. in Agriculture
  • BSc. in Agriculture Education & Extension
  • BSc. in Water Resource Management
  • BSc. in Management of Agro-Ecosystems and Environment
  • BSc. in Horticulture
  • BSc. in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • BSc. in Animal Science and Production
  • BSc. in Agricultural Economics
  • BSc. in Agribusiness Management
  • BSc. in Range Management
  • Diploma in Crop Protection
  • Proficiency course in seed technology
  • Proficiency course in tissue culture
  • Proficiency course in banana husbandry
  • Certificate in Smallholder Irrigation & Water Management
  • Certificate in Farm Fertility Management
  • Certificate in Agribusiness Management
  • Certificate in Seed Technology
  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Resource Management

School of Education & Social Sciences Academic Programmes

  • Ph.D. in Educational Administration & Planning
  • Master of Education in Educational Foundations
  • Master of Education in Educational Administration & Planning
  • Master of Education in Curriculum Studies
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Master of Arts in Kiswahili
  • Master of Arts in Literature
  • B.Ed. Science
  • B.Ed. Arts
  • Bachelor Criminology & Security Studies
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Content Enhancement in Science Subjects
  • Content Enhancement in Art Subjects
  • Diploma in Records and Archives Management
  • Diploma in library and information science

School of Nursing Academic Programmes

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Upgrading Programme
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Direct Entry
  • Bachelor of Science in Community Health & Development