Highest Paying Jobs in Kuwait



Kuwait is an Asian country that is known for producing oil, which is the country’s main income earner. Kuwait GDP is so high that workers in oil and related sectors smile all the way to the bank. The highest paying jobs are found in oil, engineering and finance sectors.

Real Estate Manager

Real Estate is a booming business in Kuwait. Since several companies are in need of Real Estate skills, they pay highly to retain talent.

Latest statistics show that a Real Estate Manager in Kuwait earns over KWD 6, 800, which is the highest salary across industries.

Financial Reporting Consultant (Accounting and Finance)

Financial Reporting Consultant is a professional who is responsible for developing financial statements and budgets for companies. He can also be tasked with Auditing of financial statements. This professional is ranked second in terms of salaries and benefits. According to our survey, a Financial Consultant earns an average salary of KWD 6,700.

One thing that makes them get paid higher than most professionals is that their skills are rare in Kuwait.

HRIS Manager (Human Resources)

Human Resource Managers are respected professionals in any organization worldwide. The profession is very crucial in any organization since individuals in this office are tasked with managing the affairs of the entire organization in the line of human resources and capital.

In Kuwait, Human Resources Managers are treated special, just like CEO because of the role they place at work. Due to that, they earn decent salaries, in fact, in excess of KWD 6,000.

This is one of the best professions in Kuwait.

Public Relations Manager (Public Relations)

Our fourth highest paid profession in Kuwait is Public Relations Manager. Latest statistics show that a PR Manager earns slightly less than a Human Resources Manager, KWD 5,900.

For you information, the role of a Public Relations Manager is to ensure the company has a good image out there. And since this task is not easy, PR executives go home with a fat pay cheque.

Environmental Manager (Environmental)

In the era of global warming and air pollution, and the fact that there are many oil industries, Kuwait need Environment Experts to perform the duty of advising companies and the government on environmental issues. Environmental Impact assessment is a tedious exercise, which is why Environmental managers are paid highly in Kuwait.

The salary for Environmental Manager in Kuwait is KWD 5,100.

IT Director (Information Technology)

Information Technology is a rare profession, suitable for innovative people. These skills are highly sought in Kuwait, and the talent is rare.

Latest salary statistics show that an IT director is paid just like an Environmental Manager, KWD 5,100.

Chief Executive Officer (Executive and Management)

Chief Executive Officer is the senior most employee in any organization-he reports to the chairman. Since he makes executive decisions, he is rewarded handsomely.

This person earns an average salary of KWD 5,000 per month.

Geologist (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining)

Geologists are individuals who are responsible for drilling oil and finding out scientifically whether oil exist in targeted area. Kuwait rewards these people well.

The salary of Geologist in Kuwait is KWD 4,000.

Electrical and Electronics Engineer

This is another one that pays very well in Kuwait. An electrical Engineer works in oil sector, which is the best paying sector in Kuwait. Their basic salary is more than KWD 4,900.

Other well-paying jobs include:

Group Branch Manager (Banking)            3,900 KWD

Planning Director (Executive and Management)                3,800 KWD

Market Development Manager (Marketing) 3,700KWD