Is a degree in Aquatic Science Marketable in Kenya?



Egerton University is among universities in Kenya offering a degree in aquatic science. The course is one of the many courses which are not marketable in Kenya. Studying aquatic science will not only expose you to risks associated with unemployment but also the reality that there are no jobs in Kenya.

Aquatic science aims at equipping a student with skills involving managing animals and species living in the sea and wet areas. Since the Kenyan government is not keen to emphasize on aquatic life, there are few opportunities created for graduates who have pursued aquatic science course.

As a student maybe you were admitted to pursue the course and wondering how you will make it.I would advise you to consider pursuing CFA, ACCA or CFA so that you can secure employment outside of your profession. PA would land you in a financial sector e.g banks, insurance or audit firms, while CFA might land you a well-paying job at investment firms.

If you put all your hopes in jobs related to aquatic science, you will be a disappointed graduates. Very few,infact almost none, employ these graduates. I always peruse through newspapers and hardly see job opportunities related to this course.